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    I'm reading lots of excitement over Coherence, but when I go to install Tools, once I have the Bootcamp partition up and running (having already installed Tools while in Bootcamp natively), Parallels doesn't do anything (even though I can still use the VM - like writing this message).

    Now I read in a thread that I need to re-install Tools once I am using it as a VM, even though I installed it while in Bootcamp natively. Is that correct?

    Besides fishing for help amongst all the raving about Coherence, is there some documentation on it or is it too early since it is in BETA?

    I have a 2.16 CORE DUO Macbook Pro 17", 1.5 gb RAM
    OS X 10.4.6, ROM MBP12.0061.803
    100 GB drive
    Boot camp is NTFS, 32 gb (not FAT32)
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  2. sfuller


    You need to install the Parallels tools for Bootcamp to get the Bootcamp partition to be seen by Parallels so you can set it up. Once you have booted your Bootcamp partition in Parallels, you will then need to install the standard Parallels tools in order to take advantage of Coherence.
  3. Godrifle


    My Core 2 MBP was updated directly from 1940 to Beta 3, whereas my iMac was updated from 1940 to Beta 1, then Beta 2, then Beta 3. Aside from a BSOD on the iMac when going from 1940 to Beta 1, Coherence has worked stellar on it. However, my MBP is another thing. Coherence just didn't work, even though I'm certain I'm doing everything correctly.

    So, digging around a bit, I've found the solution. Here's a confirmed fix:

    Launch Parallels, and start Windows.

    Click Start menu, select Run...

    Enter the following in the Run dialog box (this will stop the Coherence service and remove it from the service doesn't actually delete the program, so fear not):
    sc delete cohrence
    Reboot Windows

    Click the Start menu, select Run...

    Enter the following in the Run dialog box (with quotes):
     "c:\program files\parallels\parallels tools\cohrence.exe" install
    Seems Parallels has a typo in their executable name (note the misspelled cohrence.exe file)

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