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    I THOUGHT I understood this, but now I'm all confused.

    We have a Linux software firewall that we want to put in a PVM to replace an existing physical router/firewall. A Mac Mini has two nics and Paralells.

    So obviously I put the public WAN address on one NIC in the Linux software. That works: I can access it from the outside world.

    The existing physical router has on its LAN side. It serves DHCP to the rest of the network.

    So, I would set the LAN side of the Linux software to (taking down the physical router, of course) and enable its DHCP server. But that DOESN'T work - no access to the outside world from the Mac mini anymore.

    Exactly what to I tell the PVM? Shared, bridged, what? And what do I tell the Mini in its Network Preferences?
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    OK, got it: bridge the LAN side, Shared for the Public side.

    Put a manual 192.168.1.x address on the Mini LAN side.

    That works.
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