Consistent wake problems on a MacBookPro

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by steve3, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Frank Roscher

    Frank Roscher

    I don't think Parallels ist the direct reason for the FS corruption - the FS is corrupted because there was no shutdown / umount of the FS. The same problem can happen on any Kernel panic or switchoff without dismounting FS. Normally a journaled HFS should prevent but ...

    BTW: my iMac 20" has the same problem - reboot on wakeup if Parallels where running, but FS was not corrupted (my crashed guest - Debian Linux - FS wasn't corrupted too ;-))
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  2. flafeer


    That's the behavior I'm seeing, too.

    This is a really exciting product and one of the most useful things I'm going to buy for my Mac. I'm completely impressed by the speed. It makes Windows actually useable when you need it.

    But I can't really use it much yet until they get the sleep issue, kernel panic on heavy network use, and lack of host-only networking worked out. After that, this will be a great product.

    Kudos to the development team. (Now, when is the next update coming out? ;))
  3. gkchen


    Anyone tried Beta2 yet?

    title says it all... Is reset on wake fixed in Beta2?:)
  4. sean.dudley


    With a journaled HFS it does take something extra potent to actually damage the filesystem beyond repair. Something happened with the virtualization Parallels was doing I think.

    I don't want to downplay this and have the Parallels team disregard it just to have this happen to someone else. I watched this happen again to another Macbook two days ago. So it is a pretty seriousconcern. Both myself and the other person were very much enjoying Parallels until this devastating bug showed up.
  5. ms @ parallels

    ms @ parallels Parallels Team

    Some answers for you:

    1. Network related kernel-panics are fixed in Beta2
    2. Sleep problem will be fixed soon.
    3. Kernel panic is main reason of the FS corruption.
  6. Neuron


    No, see this post. Looks like Parallels is working on the issue but is not yet ready to release a fix for it.
  7. dhjdhj


    Yes! By DEFINITION, betas have bugs - in general the purpose of a beta is to find those bugs - there's no rule that says betas aren't allowed to hose a file system, or any particular other class of bug - if that's a concern to you, then don't run a beta program, public or otherwise!

    David Jameson

  8. ajfuchs


    Now using Beta3

    No reboot now in this version,

    When the osx machine comes out of sleep mode, the parallels VM is in sleep mode itself showing the Windows XP screen saver logo but (a) no move of the mouse or (b) keyboard action will wake up the VM. No alternative but to force out VM and restart VM service. A shame.
    Wanted to put this in front of the development team.

    2.16 mac book pro / windows xp vm / beta 3

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