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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Chris Gilpin, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. John Howard

    John Howard

    I downloaded iDefrag 1.6.1 (the latest version I think) from VersionTracker.


    iDefrag is bundled with a special CD creator program that allow you to make a bootable CD or DVD with iDefrag on it. I bought the package and ran it on my Feb 2006 iMac (the first time since I bought it). My HD is not that full - only about 150 GB of the 500 GB total are in use. But it still took many hours to defrag - I started it at about 6 PM last night and it was about half done at midnight so I let it run overnight.

    But in the end it was well worth it. Everything runs noticeably faster - from boot up to app launch.
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  2. edmitch


    No big problem here

    I am running the new Build 5160 of Parallels. I have a 1.5 GB RAM 2 Ghz MacBook with about 53 GB of free disk space prior to installing Parallels and Windows XP.

    The Parallels process in the Mac OS X Activity Monitor is generally running 6% to 7% and is using about 300 MB of real memory; it is allocated to use up to 720 MB of RAM. The idle CPU usage was the same with no applications running in Windows or with Firefox running in Windows, at idle state. With MS Publisher running in the Windows virtual machine, CPU usage is a fraction of a percent higher.

    I do wish there was a way to pass the battery/AC status from the MacBook to the virtual machine, however.

  3. zmonster


    Parallels at 30% CPU for me too

    The Task Manager in Windows XP shows ~0-1%, but Parallels takes up ~30% CPU on the Mac. There's definitely something awry with Parallels Build 5160...
  4. fbronner



    Mine shows parallel about 10% usage with windows idle. Maybe you should check what is running on your XP session?

    What do you have installed on your XP session?
  5. biglar

    biglar Kilo Poster

    I believe adding an USB peripheral will up the usage to about 30%.

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