Constantly re-asked to reinstall Parallel Tools 2.5.3214

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by PToomeyJr, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. PToomeyJr


    Howdy all,
    I'm running an iMac with 2 GB of RAM, OS-X Ver. 10.4.10 and recently upgraded from 3188 to 3214. Oh, and I am running XP not Vista. Here is my issue. I've had no problems at all with the 3214 running smoothly and it seems to have fixed any earlier quirks. BUT, each time I start Parallels Desktop since the 3214 upgrade the Parallel Tools Setup Wizard is started and I am asked to upgrade to tools 2.5.3214! I did this several times and yet it still asks me to re-do it each time. If I say cancel to the dialogue box Parallels 3214 still runs fine since I had installed it earlier. What have I done wrong in the upgrade install to make this quirk occur? What can I do to fix my mistake. It is not a huge deal but I'd rather no see this dialogue box EVERY TIME that I boot Parallels.

    Thanks for your help,

    Patrick Toomey
    Charlottesville, VA
  2. Ankou

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    Hello Patrick Toomey
    This happens because Windows sees Parallels Tools CD as default CD-Rom at start-up.

    The solution is to unmount this CD. You may do it as follows:

    1) in Parallels menu bar choose "Devices" -> "CD/DVD-ROM" -> "Disconnect"

    2) Reboot your VM
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  3. dzurn

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    Why doesn't //s unmount the CD image automatically?

    I got this a couple of times myself with 3.0.

    Please consider changing //s to automatically unmount the CD image after tools installation is done, since it's NOT NEEDED any more.

  4. hilmartor



    How can you stop the automatic connnection of the tools image?

  5. digduggler


    Thanks, this was driving me batty.
  6. coachjb2u


    Me Too... Thanks for the Fix

    I've had the same exact problem. It only happened though when I quit Parallels without going through the complete Windows shut down process. If I went through the trouble of doing a full shut down of Windows first, and then quit Parallels, it didn't ask me to reinstall. What a bother to have to do that though, so I just would cancel the reinstall which is less of a bother than having to shut down Windows and then wait for it to go through the complete Restart process the next morning. I hate having to choose the lesser of two evils and thanks to this forum, I no longer have to. This fix (described above) worked perfectly for me. Thanks again.

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