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  1. Bung55


    Update: Worked it out - you simply tap control+alt+delete in order and that simulates it!
    But that raised another question - how do you then logout - as you don't have normal desktop access to click the start button ????
    Update2: I now see there is desktop mode - but if you exit all the applications you have running before you need to logoff, then you loose desktop mode - I guess you could leave one program running and then use desktop mode to logoff, but a bit clunky!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original question
    I am trying to access a Windows Server.
    But the first thing you need to do is press Control + Alt + Delete to login.
    How do you do that?
    Have tried everything I can think of !!!!

    TIA, Dave
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  2. JayWeiss

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    I have clicked on the "Disconnect" button in the upper left corner of the screen to sign out and disconnect.
  3. MatsLu


    I cant send ctrl+alt+del to my PC från my iPad and Parallels Access with nu luck! I have tried the tip above, just click the keys in order but nothing at all happends and I am not capable of logging in to my server! Any more tips?
  4. kenham40

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    !! UPDATE !!

    It's not the best fix, but it works! In the lower left hit the Microsoft Accessibility icon, tell it to use the onscreen keyboard, after checking the box for on-screen keyboard press OK, on the on-screen keyboard press CTRL then ALT and finally, del - MAGIC, the user icons show up and you can then touch the one you want and login!

    Also, after you press your CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the user icons, you can hit the X and close the on-screen keyboard to get it out of your way. :)

    I am in the same boat (even with a bluetooth keyboard); CTRL + ALT + DEL, even in that order does NOT get me past the Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log on screen.
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