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  1. SharonK


    Hello guys, I need to convert a word document into PDF. How can I do it?
  2. dannycat


    If you wanna save these complicated steps and find a easy way, you can google PDF to word Converter and you will find many useful tools, or google how to convert PDF to word and vice versa to get instructive articles. Good luck:) I think PDF conversion programmes can enable to quickly convert files. i have use PDF converter which can original layouts hyperlinks, Images and tables retained in word ,text, image, Epub, html.but i forgot download the wedsite ,go to google. By the way , pay attention to your system platform, select the suitable one . I use a PDF converter driver found on the internet . Install it and it becomes a selectable converter option.Then you can convert PDFs to many forms in any program at all, including Adobe Acrobat . Just open a PDF, select convert, and choice a form you want, then you can do pdf to word conversion and vice versa,the task will be finished in several seconds. if you haven't found a g
    ood choice , you can have a try. best wishes.
  3. SakibS

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    It depend on which office tools you are using. If you are using Microsoft office then there is a addons for save as pdf you can install it and enjoy save as .pdf

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