Corrupted Windows XP (Different Problem than I've seen)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AlexandraW, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. AlexandraW


    Hello! I'm pretty positive that this isn't a repeat question, and if it is, I'm so sorry. My Parallels had the issue of causing the Windows XP I have on my computer to become corrupted. I know that there are solutions to fix this and I am completely aware of them. However, when the option to remove the device came up, I clicked okay since I figured that there was nothing I could do (I'm a completely new Parallels user). What should I do? Should I re-install my Windows XP? Will it work if I re-install it? Will I be able use the files that I used on the corrupted Windows if I re-install it?

    OR, better yet, does somebody know a way to still save my Windows XP even though I technically removed it. I looked and the hard drive is still on my Mac... I just can't find a way to salvage it.

    Thank you so much, and I'd be so grateful for a response! :)

  2. BryanS



    Yes, if you did the Snow Leopard update and the issues began, it was a corrupted VM.

    I installed Win 7 on the same machine with the bad XP and it worked without an issue. So, you could blow out the XP completely and then install it again, making sure tools get loaded correctly.

    You should be set. Every feature continues to work for me... drag and drop.... apps, data transfer... networking... no problems.
  3. AlexandraW


    Oh! Alright, that's great. So I will not have to worry about losing all of my information if I re-install? What will happen to the old hard drive?
  4. Salamat

    Salamat Bit Poster

    a. Back up the original VM in case of emergencies.
    b. Can't you use Parallels Explorer and extract any data that you need?


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