Custom Creation of Guest OS in Parallels 7

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jamiedaniel, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. jamiedaniel

    jamiedaniel Bit Poster

    What gives.

    In Parallels 6 I could create any OS as a Custom Guest OS, with Parallels & I am restricted to this Catalog Purchase model crap.

    Can anyone explain this to me please. I should be able to click on NEW, CUSTOM and then add a new guest os to the mix, now I get the pretty, DOWNLOAD OUR VERSIONS of CHROME, FEDORA, UBUNTU or purchase WINDOWS 7 Ultimate, Windows7 GOD Edition etc etc...

    Wo what gives people? are we now restricted, because if we are, I am on my way to purchase Fusion and the Parallels 3, 4, 5, 6 versions will be wiped from my archives.


    It is a given I just might not be looking in the right places for said info, but any advice would be great.

    (wringing hands)
  2. JEarles


    You can still install any (supported) Guest OS. When you click on "Install Windows from DVD or image file" you will be able to select any available DVD or image file. It will then attempt to determine the OS and if it cannot you can choose from the same list you had in Parallels 6.

    Yes... it is confusing that this is hidden behind a button labeled "Windows" but once you know it is a minor issue.
  3. jamiedaniel

    jamiedaniel Bit Poster

    I know right? I mean why hide it behind the Windows button? They should make the labels for these things a bit better.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. JessicaW

    JessicaW Banned

    Well, at first I have some problem locating it. But, your right, once you know about it, it will just be a minor issue

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