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  1. VladimirT3

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    as I am using non-suggested virtual machine in parallels such as OpenSuse, etc and all of them have generic icons for linux (tux), it would be nice to have a possibility to upload icon of our own and allow us to make it more graphically clear for us.

    This feature would not take your developers too long to create, and I saw that some of folk already discussed on github about that possibility back in 2015.
    Can this be somehow really included in the future? (both in the control center, dock and settings)


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  2. VladimirT3

    VladimirT3 Bit poster

    p.s. I forgot to say, along with OpenSuse we use Rocky Linux which dose not have it as well.
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  3. John97

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    I would like to add on to this request. I am using Rocky 9.2 and would love to add my own icon from the installation DVD.
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