Dead Keyboard and Mouse using 3150 RC2

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by esquilo22, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. esquilo22


    Dev Team,

    First let me thanks for the hard working releasing RC2. At least I don't have any BSOD using Parallels with Boot Camp during boot time.

    The system booted fine but mouse and keyboard are dead. The worse is that I have to close the VM without shuting it down properly. Now when I try to boot directly with Boot Camp I face the same simptoms.

    I did the tests with a fresh Windows XP SP2 slipstreamed with latest hotfixes and with a fresh Tiger 10.4.8 / Parallels install in my sandbox machine.

    Any ideas?

  2. esquilo22



    I did the following test trying to understand the problem with both keyboard and mouse:

    1. Reinstalled WXP SP2 in my Boot Camp partition without any hotfix slipstreamed.
    2. Installed all security hotfixes (67 as of January/2007) for WXP SP2 inside bootcamp.
    3. Created the Parallels VM using Boot Camp.

    I was able to use the VM without any problems. Parallels Tools were installed fine, the machine rebooted and after 3-4 minutes everything was working out of the box.

    So I'm assuming that for some reason Parallels isn't recognizing hotfixes that are slipstreamed directly into the WXP CD and it installs some old *.DLL, *.SYS, etc versions that makes both keyboard and mouse unusable (I bet something related with ntoskrnl.exe hal.dll for Standard PC configurations).

    Another strange problem is that Parallels Tools installation replaces some WXP SP2 files and I get a Windows Prompt asking for inserting WXP CD.

    Why doesn't Parallels isn't using the latest *.DLL versions for its setup routine?


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