Deleted "Recovery Partition" to extend C: drive size. Is it needed?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by willyjp, Jan 28, 2022.

  1. willyjp

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    To increase my Windows 10 guest vm HDD size, I followed Support bulletins 113972 and successfully increased the HDD size in the Parallels configure panel.
    However, the size of my C: drive did not increase. Pursuant to the above bulletin, I referred to Support bulletin 123372 which explains that the boot drive cannot extend if there is a recovery partition between it and the new "unallocated" drive space. Following instructions in the latter bulletin, I deleted the recovery partition and successfully extended my C: drive to include the previously unallocated drive space. Mission accomplished. But, a question arises:

    MY QUESTION IS: Is that "recovery partition" that is deleted in the above directed steps something that is NEEDED? Does it need to be recreated? Or is it superfluous? Neither mentioned support bulletins mention anything about the recovery partition other than identifying it and deleting it.
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    I have the same question.

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