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  1. Antonioc15

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    Hi. I have a parallels desktop version 8. Is it possible to migrate this version from old Mac to another? I can't found where to log out my account in this version. In the new Mac is it possible upgrade? Or upgrade must be old Mac before migrate? Please, help!
  2. Hi,
    we've changed your license key settings, please transfer your Parallels Desktop to new Mac and check the issue.
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  3. Antonioc15

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    Hi. I follow steps to sign out and install in new Mac, but there a message below. Please, help me!

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  4. Hello,
    could you provide us with your Parallels Desktop Business Edition license key via the private message please?
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    How can I reactivate my Parallels Desktop 8 license after moving to a new computer?

  6. Nischay Gaya

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    Hello Alejandro,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Please note that the Parallels Desktop 8 has already reached its End Of Life and is not compatible with the latest MacOS operating system.

    To use Parallels Desktop on your new Mac and considering your existing Parallels Desktop 8 license, we recommend purchasing an upgrade license for Parallels Desktop 19, which is compatible with the latest Mac devices.

    Please find below the different upgrade options available for Parallels Desktop:

    -Upgrade License to Standard (One-time purchase):
    -Upgrade License to Pro (Subscription-Based license):

    Please note the One-time purchase and a subscription-based license have some differences in terms of future upgrades and support options as highlighted in this Knowledge Base article:

    Once you have a proper license, you will be able to activate your parallels desktop build by referring to the following article:

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

    If you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

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