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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by casioguy, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. casioguy


    Was using broadband and connection through both ethernet and airport with no problems. Today, I had to use dialup via the Apple USB modem on my Macbook, and PWS could not detect the connection. Tells me that a network adaptor is unplugged. While I can access the internet with no problem on OSX, I can't on the PWS, running Win XP.

    My network setting is Default Adaptor. The other options are Airport/Wireless & Ethernet adaptors. Is there any setting I need to do so I can connect to the net with a dialup modem?
  2. joem


    If and only if, the Parallels USB support extends to your particular modem, you need to connect the modem as a USB device, turn off Parallels networking, and set up a dialup connection in XP as if you were running on actual hardware. In Windows, a modem isn't a network connection unless you set up a Dialup Connection which is not the same thing as an ethernet connection. You will initialize the modem, dial, and connect in XP, not OSX. You may have to start XP before you plug in the modem to let the guest grab it before OSX does.

    I haven't tried this due to lack of a USB modem (and lack of a need for dialup).
  3. serv

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    Bridged networking only works for ethernet compatible devices. However, you should be able to use Host-Only Networking with OSX Internet Sharing. Try share your modem connection to en2 (Parallels Host-Guest Adapter).
  4. ggoodwin


    Modem now works

    I could not access the web from within Parallels on WinXP via the Apple modem (which worked fine in the OSX environment). The Host Networking/share solution outlined above worked for me. Modem now works within Parallels for email and IE access.
  5. asana


    I want you to know that your suggestion helped me to get an Internet connection in XP. This days XP is rather worthless if one can not connect from it.
    I have an ISDN Terminal called NetMod and it connects via USB. I had to turn on USB sharing in Parallels, then choose the modem in P's USB Controller, installed drivers, create a regular dial-up connection in XP's Network Connections, and I was connected for the first time. I had forgotten to disconnect on the Mac side, and as soon as I designated the terminal/modem in P's USB Controller a download on the Mac side was disconnected.

    All this is to say that this is not my favorite manner to connect. I would like to share the Internet connection on the Mac side, and I just can not do it. I have asked many people here and at customer service, and I am hoping you will read this post for possible help. Please look at my post here, and see if you can see what setting could be improved.


    I really would like to share the Internet connection instead of disconnecting and reconnecting each time.
    Thanks you kindly.

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