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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by philip, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Agreed. If this is fact. Then it should be included as soon as possible. Although i do understand if the Parallels people are taking a couple of days off. After having released the MAC version.

    Now for the next version, we just need:
    - Drag and drop between guest and host
    - Vmware file format compatibility
    - Ability to change hardware and networking options without booting the guest
    - Printing from guest to host directly
    - Improved shared folders performance
    - More virtualized drivers (like the SCSI drivers in vmware)

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    I think there's a problem with the premise. I'm more than happy about the Windows performance. It is exceptional, in fact. I got a hell of a lot more than I paid for, too. I've been working in computers since the mid 1960's and have never had a more powerful personal system than what I have now with Apple and Parallels. Windows is a parasitic necessity that I'd love to do without, but this tool gives me control of my platform again. It is a blessing to be able to suspend the vm and put it out of harm's way. My wife is extremely happy to have a solid platform in her Mac Mini, and Parallels allows her to run QuickBooks Pro faster than her pure Windows system ever could. Her new Windows envrionment has not crashed once - it used to do that daily on the Dell. Factor reliability into the performance equation, too. It's not very efficient sitting at a bsod. And speaking of the Dell, it's about to get an upgrade to Solaris 10.

    Is the VM as fast as a native Windows-only environment? Of course not, but who cares and who would expect it too? Is it a slug? Hardly. Anyone who understands what is under the hood knows what is realistic. Parallels has exceeded all my expectations.

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    tried this seems to work

    just to let others know this doesnt seem to fix usb problems that have been previously reported
    I still get the blue crash screen telling me to remove the hardware.

    see the attached image

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  6. John the Geek

    John the Geek

    This patch never promised to fix your USB problem, so why would you expect it to? It's completely unrelated.

    The mechanic who fixed my brakes didn't come by my house to fix my sink either. But then, I never expected him too...
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    dkp ---

    I'm with you! I think the performance of Parallels is exceptional and I really think many people on this forum are operating from a flawed perspective, even though I would never deny their right to do so...

    And since I'm about to get horribly flamed, I have been using parallels on a production machine and bought it while it was still in beta. I have thrown a slew of windows programs at it, because love and loathe them though I do, I actually need windows more than mac. Yet, parallels runs everything from heavy duty simulation programs, to cad, to everything else.

    Reading a lot of the comments from these forums and the anger that is expressed by people who have problems, I can't help but wonder if: 1) some people are just using these forums as a place to dump their frustrations, 2) if some of these people ever bother to RTFM and 3) how can they justify their arrogance over the outstanding work that a SMALL company has done on the product, when APPLE only offered BOOT CAMP, and 4) why don't they just run windows and give some of us a break!

    Anyway, I personally think Parallels is 'da bomb!
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    I think you nailed it right there. That's common though, if you look at Apple's discussion forums you'd think their products are crap. That is the place people go to complain about problems, and should always be seen that way, not as an accurate view of the product's performance.

    How many times have you complained that a product was working fine? Those people who are happy are happily going along without a need to seek out assistance.


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