DirectX 11 Support (list of titles)

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    Worth noting that WARP is a CPU fallback for when DX11 (or DX10) is installed, but there is no GPU hardware available to support hardware acceleration. It is faster than the old software rasterisation, because it is multithreaded, but it is much slower than either native hardware acceleration or virtualised hardware. Revit can use WARP, and with a little hack can be made to use the Parallels driver like hardware with DX10 level functionality, and my benchmarks have shown a huge difference between Hardware Acceleration on Virtualised Hardware vs WARP, and a big difference between WARP and no acceleration at all. Also, WARP can affect overall performance because it will max out all CPU cores, which means less resources for other CPU needs, and potentially thermal throttling at some point.
    In the end, paying for a "professional" Parallels that is a buggy POS with 5 year old graphics technology is just offensive.
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    Are you saying there's a way to patch it or giving an explanation of what WARP does cause if there's a way to force WARP to not e considered, if I'm understanding your explanation correctly than that'd be awesome! Of course DirectDraw is still an issue.
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    That's not about old graphics technology, that's about Apple proving an API for its graphics driver to implement DirectX 11. macOS does not support OpenGL Compute Shaders, which is a requirement to develop DirectX 11 support for virtual environment.

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