DirectX 12 Support (add app titles in comments)

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Would DirectX 12 Support from Parallels Improve Your Experience?

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  2. No - I don't utilize solutions that need DirectX 12

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  1. RickK5

    RickK5 Bit poster

    Yes, PLEASE bring this feature into Parallels.
  2. douglasr9

    douglasr9 Bit poster

    Parallels NEEDS to start to develop support for DirectX 12. Aludo should understand that Parallels is a powerful solution for Mac users. But as Apple begins to open up support for enterprise and gaming, Parallels will start to lose out on users to Crossover and other Hypervisors that are waiting for the right time to strike. We are about seven years into DirectX 12, and the means to develop support from Parallels should now exist. If this is in active alpha stages at this point, that's great, but an announcement or hint at it from PMs or marketing would be great, as I am already thinking about just dropping my business plan in lieu of buying a second laptop for work at this point. Really don't want to do it, but hey I game too. Thanks DevTeam!
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  3. 10 Gauge

    10 Gauge Bit poster

    With the recent release of the Apple's Game Porting Toolkit (GPTK) which uses Apple's own D3DMetal that supports both DX11 and DX12, shouldn't DX12 support be coming very soon to Parallels Desktop for Mac? I honestly was expecting it to be released in version 19 and was very sad to learn that it wasn't.

    Is there a timeline for implementation?
  4. CharlesM14

    CharlesM14 Bit poster

    I also am waiting for DX12 support, without it I won't be renewing my registration for this product. I only got it for playing one game, which is now only DX12.
  5. ThomasM64

    ThomasM64 Bit poster

    It's not clear that Apple will allow their GPTK to be used in this way. I hope they do but they have positioned it more for games developers than end users. Also despite the announcement that Crossover can now support DX12, each game achieving compatibility seems to be case by case and was still single digits when I last checked the site. A friend of my who is a games developer said part of the problem is that a number of games engines have built themselves to workaround some of the bugs or undocumented behaviour in DX12 - therefore a straight generic translation to Metal is much harder than it first appears as all that needs to be worked through. I would imagine they will wait until the number of compatible games is well into double digits before announcing support otherwise there will be too many titles that just don't work well.
  6. JonathanS40

    JonathanS40 Bit poster

    ARMA: Reforger
  7. KyleE3

    KyleE3 Bit poster

    Can you please add this feature direct x 12
  8. AurelienB

    AurelienB Bit poster

    DirectX 12 support please.
    Monster Hunter: Rise
  9. Oguz1


    Blender 4.0
    Unreal Engine...
    Not game...
    DIRECTX 12....
  10. ramans1

    ramans1 Bit poster

    gta 6.

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