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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jebworks, Sep 9, 2006.

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    I've just installed the latest update hoping the performance would improve but it doesn't I'm running windows xp home with 412 Mb allocated - the max. recommended and 512Mb for the Parallels itself. Everytime i open windows I get a "Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low" warning. I've followed the recommendation in Windows and still get the warning. Also, it takes about 2 min. or more to launch Internet Explorer 7 beta
    This doesn't seem normal performance to me.

    Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?
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    Multiple posts to different forums is very disrespectful of all of the forum users. You should include references to your configuration if you are seriously requesting help. Even better post your problems to the forum that is specific to your configuration rather than just blasting it to the most convenient one.
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    It's been my experience that WinXP (both flavors) operate poorly under ANYTHING less than 512mb of RAM. MS says 256 should work and I believe they even say 128 for home. But frankly I've never seen it perform well on those.

    512mb is the min I would recommend for WinXP. Now what is your machine got in it? The basic rule of thumb I've found is double what you expect to give Parallels. Triple if you can. IE if you want to have XP running at 512mb you should have a minimum of a Gb or perhaps 1.5Gb to insure good performance.

    Both of my machines are loaded with 2Gb of RAM. If I could put more in I would. RAM is the cheapest performance increaser there is.

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    100% Agree.
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