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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by BlaineD, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. BlaineD

    BlaineD Bit poster

    I upgraded to V10 yesterday and noticed a new issue. Even though Options->Full Screen->Scale to fit screen is set to auto, if I unplug my Macbook from my Thunderbolt the scaling of my Parallels window on my Retina display is tiny rather than proportional. Additionally, when I plug my Macbook Pro Retina back into my Thunderbolt now my font size is huge. This was working properly in V9 with the previous setting choices. Parallels, can you please fix your regression?

    Also, in both V9 and V10, there are times when after resizing my Parallels window the image is completely garbled and unviewable. Generally resizing fixes this issue, but not always. Parallels, are you aware of this?

    Overall, upon upgrading from V9 to V10 I'm not seeing the value of my $50, and worse there are basic regressions that I do not understand how Parallels missed. I'm a developer for one of the largest software companies, period. While I understand how regressions occur given the complexity of software, I am not understanding how I am finding so many regressions that are so blatantly obvious. Parallels, are you listening? More presence on these forums would be a good thing, especially right after a new version is shipped.
  2. CyrilR

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    I have seen the same issue. Migrated from Windows 7 on Virtual Box (perfect display) to Parallels 10 on Yosemite and the display resolution is all over the place. Some windows are 25% of the size, some are huge, some are average size. graphics are not compensating or anti-aliasing that much either... Actually very disappointed by my upgrade so far!
  3. strells

    strells Product Expert

    Just to verify: you reinstalled Parallels Tools after upgrading to v10, right? I use the same exact option and I have not had these problems.

  4. seweil

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    I have similar problems. 9 times out of 10, undocking from the Thunderbolt monitor works properly. But sometimes when I undock, I'm in a mode where the text (in Windows) is tiny, presumably at Retina native resolution. The other hint is that I have to Exit Parallels full screen mode twice before the display resets.
    Only started happening after the upgrade; and yes I reinstalled the tools.

    Also worse after the upgrade, Windows forgets the primary monitor after undocking and docking. It seems Parallels isn't identifying the secondary monitor instance in a consistent manner.

    I generally run Parallels/Windows full screen across both monitors.
  5. jrbookwalter

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    I'm having an issue similar to BlaineD on a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro (upgraded to 8.1) on PD10. I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display which is plugged into a Thunderbolt Display most of the time. On that screen, the Windows Desktop is comically huge, but when I move the Parallels window over to the MacBook screen, it looks about right. If I adjust the resolution inside the VM to where it looks right on the TD, then everything is suddenly tiny on the MBP. Don't recall having this issue with PD9, and yes, I've installed and reinstalled Parallels Tools...

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