Does anyone at Parallels care?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DonaldC, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. DonaldC


    I bought an upgrade over the weekend and can not activate WHY? because no activation number has been sent.
    I tried to register a support to get it and it costs money. I tried to complain and guess what that costs money. So I phoned the london office as I am in the UK tech support is a Very expensive call to the USA so I rang sales, sales are always helpful. I was told that once I activated it I woudl get 30 days free support. BRILLIANT.

    Send an email they said So I did NO REPLY 3 HOURS LATER.

    So what have I learned from this. Your customer support truly sucks. In my view anyone that has to write a manual ( and yours is 43 pages long) to teach people how to access and use their support system needs to take a long hard look at their customer care.

    Oh and Thanks so much for stopping me working today. I really appreciate it just before Christmas.

    Far as I can tell, nobody cares at all. I upgraded my fully-paid Parallels Desktop 5.0 to the latest 5.0.9308 yesterday, booted my Vista Ultimate guest - that had been working fine. It booted, then Parallels started to update the Parallels Tools. It ended, said to reboot. I did reboot and got the Blue Screen Of Death - everytime.

    Merry Christmas.
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    I am working with support on a registration issue and getting regular responses. I havent resolved my issue yet, but we are working on it.


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