Does Java run in Windows 10 for ARm in VMHost and does USB-ports work

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 16 for M1 Mac Technical Preview' started by MikaelO1, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. MikaelO1

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    I have ordered a Mac Mini M1 with 16gb. I am planning to buy Paralleles as well.
    I will mainly be using it for software development and some things I need to run under Windows.
    So, in case someone already knows, I am wondering if Java runs in Windows 10 for ARM (hopefully their is OpenJDK for Windows 10 for ARM)?
    Also, are there any known limitations at this moment as to connect an Android device to my mac which then can be seen by the Windows 10 VM Host?
    Thank you.
  2. RobertC35


    Yes, OpenJDK runs fine in Windows for ARM. The x86 version of Oracle Java doesn't work so well.

    I haven't tried connecting USB devices other than a mouse, and that got really weird.

    There are some other app problems, Eclipse wont run on either the host or the Windows guest. (so that means anything based on Eclipse wont run like the IBM Notes client.)

    Time sync on bootup doesn't appear to work, so you may have to set the time for some apps to work.
  3. MikaelO1

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    Thank you for your telling me about your experience.
    I guess things can only improve with time. I will nonetheless try to set up some development tools in Windows and then report.
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    Java runs in Windows 10 for ARm in VMHost and does USB-ports work.Microsoft's Java Engineering Group has reported progress in porting OpenJDK, or open source Java, to Windows 10 on ARM64-based devices, having completed the first phase of the initiative in late June. The company's initial changes are being upstreamed to the OpenJDK project itself.

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