Does Parallels Desktop 7 have firewire support

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Mel A, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Mel A

    Mel A

    Does anyone know if firewire is finally supported in PD7?

  2. Elric

    Elric Parallels Developers

    Hi, unfortunately it is not.

    We constantly think about what and how implement features, so it would be very helpful if you could describe why this feature could be helpful to you.
  3. Daisuke2005


    I think this feature would be nice for parallels!

    Personally for my Movie cam when I want to directly import clips from my sony camcorder to use on windows video editing software without having to import it first in mac software.
  4. Mel A

    Mel A

    Why I want firewire support in parallels

    I would like to use a golf program that directly imports golf swings from live camera. Otherwise I have to save in MAC and then import into windows. I can't get immediate feedback on my golf swing without direct connection to windows through firewire.
  5. Greg-K5GJ


    Needed for high performance audio interfaces

    My customer base and I would really like to see Parallels add support for IEEE-1394 Firewire. There are many high performance audio interfaces that take advantage of the isochronous streaming capabilities of Firewire. We use 400Mb/sec (1394A) as a multi-stream interface to our software defined amateur radio products. A good percentage of our customers are MAC users and most of them run Parallels but have to boot into Bootcamp to run our software. I fit this description as well so I'm particularly interested. Please consider this enhancement for the next release.
  6. Nexus99999


    I need to support my digital mixer firewire only available type of interface (Yamaha 01X).
    Drivers are available only up to OSX 10.5 version.
    And I am not alone with this problem, reading on the various forum related to the 01X.
    I really hope you will develop it asap
  7. JesterbeanA

    JesterbeanA Banned

    Yes. There are really lots of high performance audio interfaces that take advantage of the isochronous streaming capabilities of Firewire.
  8. markmcfarlane


    I need firewire support to run Cannon Console (XHA1 HD video interface) and to connect my Yamaha 01V96 mixer and run Yamaha's mLAN interface. Been waiting on this feature since Parallels 4 as a reason to upgrade.
  9. runebinder


    I've got a LaCie rugged Firewire 800 drive. I can use it with USb but FW800 is quicker and doesn't suffer the same latency issues as USB, so would prefer to use it. Better for installing games and such to it if I could use Firewire as I've only got a 120GB SSD so not much space on the main HDD.
  10. AmyStewart


    I never tried using it. But, I think its worth a try [​IMG]
  11. bge0


    I use 2xfirewire daisy chained cams for image processing dev under ubuntu and would love to see this feature implemented!

    On another note, hoping to see light peak device compatibility soon!
  12. Joel Hencken

    Joel Hencken

    External drives (e.g., DVD burner) work without taking up CPU cycles if you use Firewire rather than USB. Also, I'm running out of USB ports and it would be nice to free one up by using Firewire for some peripheral(s).
  13. RaphaelSamad


    MacBook pros have an excellent firewire 800 port to which you can connect a wide range of devices such as - video input systems, audio input systems including audio interfaces as described above, cameras, data drives (again as described above). Equally many of us would like to run the software which uses such devices under windows rather than Mac Os.
    This is why I would certainly want to see the Firewire Interface supported in Parallels. Also, Adobe and Apple's lack of support for each other's systems also means that more and more of Adobe's applications will have to run on Windows and many of these applications will need to interface to Firewire devices. Therefore please please support Firewire interfaces in Parallels - I would upgrade immediately and without hesitation if you supported FW devices.
  14. Rollingball


    I'm an Amateur Radio operator. For us the new wave of the future is Software Defined Radio. Known as a Flex Radio. From FlexRadio Systems. Many of us run Macs. It is kind of a pain to have a stand alone PC to run them or rebooting to BootCamp.

    These radios run on a firewire cable, so having the firewire support would be a huge benefit.
  15. dekard


    I'd like this as well, Macbook Pro has a firewire port and I have all my games and apps on it, since I have a smaller SSD drive I can't fit all my games on it.
  16. parkridgedave


    Why not????

    I want to use the firewire for many things. It is very useful on a MacBook Pro as there is a built in firewire port. I have some very good Windows software for my video editing. Also, I could use the firewire 800 for running backup software for windows (e.g. ghost) using the firewire versus the USB 2.0 that is sooooooo slow.

    I bought the parallels so I could use windows apps on my MAC. I can get around some of the limitations of no firewire but the HDD problem is the worst! I really think you need to take a hard look at this issue. It is not trivial to some users.
    Also, it could be a good selling point if support was provided.
  17. chuck6972


    Firewire Use Important

    I have had Parallels 4, 5, and now 6. Considering upgrading to 7, but I really could use the firewire ability. I have an External Hard Drive that has the 1394 connection on my Windows PC with lots of raw data and other programs that will run with Parallels, but I can not use it bacause the HD is a firewire connection. My old Windows PC crashed last week and am beginning the move over to the Apple base. It would be great if Parallels would allow the use of all external ports on the Apple to be utilized. Can't take all the Apple Hard Drive for Parallels use or reserve.
  18. Jigs Gaton

    Jigs Gaton Product Expert

    Ever since I have been using PD (for many years now) I have wanted firewire support inside of PD. I have a recording studio where we have to run both versions of ProTools that connect to devices via firewire. So, using bootcamp this works fine but bootcamp is such a pain in the butt no one likes to use it...a dedicated PC would make more sense than rebooting into bootcamp all the time. BUT if PD had firewire support, we would not have to deal with physical PCs at all. Hope that helps!
  19. uberschaller


    cocoa puffs is dead on. We need PD to be able to work with the drivers for firewire i/o devices. For instance in my case it would be heavenly if my RME fireface could receive information directly from pro tools(or pyramix in my case) rather than be filtered through PD's built in sound driver. We audio guys are more particular than anyone else out there. Thanks very much for your concern. Parallels is a killer software, and I guess we're just seeing how to make it perfect for us! Hope that makes sense. Feel free to email me if you need more information. It's awesome you guys are so concerned.
  20. Hanknj1


    I have a $2500 Nikon Coolscan 9000 film scanner that uses a Firewire interface. It is absolutely essential that I be able to use my Mac Pro's Firewire port to scan the thousands of transparencies I have yet to digitize. Otherwise I have a $2500 paper weight.

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