Does running XP VM affect Mac printing?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by brianwmay, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. brianwmay

    brianwmay Bit Poster

    It's possible that I've screwed something up along the way however:

    I have XP Pro installed as a VM only (ie, no Boot Camp).

    I've found that when XP is running 'in the back ground' (ie, I'm not actually USING any applications), and I attempt to print from QuarkXPress - on the Mac, it won't print.

    If I then stop Parallels, the printer (USB) bursts into life.

    Has anyone any idea what is going on or willing to hazard a guess? It's not really anything to get excited about, just a bit mystifying.

  2. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    Make sure the VM does not have the USB printer connected to it. Go to the devices menu and look at the USB connections.
  3. brianwmay

    brianwmay Bit Poster

    I've just checked, no the USB connections does not feature any printer. The printer driver 'connected' to the VM is the recommended one (one of the two anyway).
  4. Ronald Thwing

    Ronald Thwing

    Yes, I have the same problem. When I try to print from my iMac desktop and the guest OS is open I am not able to complete the print job from the Mac. I have to shut down Windows to release the printer to print from Mac. I do not have to close my VM, just close Windows. Once Windows is closed down then my printer will activate the Mac OS print job that is on standby. The guest OS seems to tie up the Mac OS for print jobs even when the guest OS is minimized. Is there a work around?
  5. brianwmay

    brianwmay Bit Poster

    The work around I have managed is to bin Parallels before I wish to print from MAC OSX.

    As far as I am concerned, this thread remains open.
  6. brainee28


    In Mac:

    System Preferences>Print and Fax> Check the box "Share this Printer"
    System Preferences>Sharing> Check the Box for "Printer Sharing"

    In XP:

    Download and Install Bonjour for Windows from Apple's Website.
    Run BonJour and choose "PrinterName@Computer Name" in the list

    In Parallels:

    Parallels Desktop>Preferences>Network> Add Port 5353 to list if doing Shared Networking.

    This should allow you to print from both sources via a USB printer.
  7. John Y

    John Y

    Same problem- still open

    My Computer does the same thing I must stop windows to get my iMac to print. I am running Vista not XP. I selected the printer with Bonjour. When I run the utility device in Leopard for the printer it cannot connect to the device. I followed all the steps. Except for the last in Parallels networking.I tried to open the ports in networking but what ip address should I be using? Should I open both the incoming and outgoing ports on TCP and UDP? 5353?

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