Does the new Beta support Vista on bootcamp partition?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by davebei, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. davebei


    I have a bootcamp/vista partition, but when I go through the setup wizard in Parallels, the option for Bootcamp install with Vista is greyed out. Did I miss this in the beta description and Vista is not currently supported in this setup?
  2. duron


    I am wondering the same thing.
  3. ErBiC


    Vista bootcamp never worked for me. Not even with Beta 2. Considering that Boot Camp is only designed to run XPSP2, it's not particularly surprising Parallels doesn't like it. Meh.

    Maybe fix in Beta4?
  4. nimsoft



    I have managed to get this working... sorta...

    Maybe there is a way around this... If I install Vista natively (IE, booting from the BIOS emulation in EFI) then attempting to boot from Parallels causes it to power down the virtual machine almost instantly.

    If I'm quick enough to get the boot menu, selecting safe mode starts working, it lists all the drivers as usual, then powers down the virtual machine again.

    However, if I insert the Vista CD and re-install it within parallels, it works fine running from the boot camp partition. The only snag (and it's quite a big one...) is that if I try and boot Vista natively, the keyboard and mouse don't work, so I can't get past the welcome screen!!

    I'm sure it's only a driver issue (No USB? The light isn't working on my mouse for example) so it'd probably be easy to fix if I could actually move the cursor to get to the hardware settings!

    Any ideas?
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