Don't Send Me Mac Sales Pitches Puh-leez!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ambimom, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Ambimom


    Today, I received mail from Parallels asking me to upgrade and purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac.....

    I purchased Parallels Workstation for my Windows XP machine...on which I run Ubuntu (Feisty at the moment).

    It's annoying enough that from all I observe, Parallels development is focused on Mac to the exclusion of folks like me...but sending me junk mail to purchase an upgrade for a product I don't own?????

    Come on! Surely you know who purchased which of your products, don't you? I haven't drunk the Mac Koolaid yet, and don't plan to either.

    I could've installed Ubuntu on VMWare Workstation and it wouldn't have cost me a dime.
  2. brewster44


    um.. you can unsubscribe probably?
  3. sparcdr


    Enjoy supporting yourself and having access to thousands of poor quality software. Please, do not complain, their company is stretched thin, and at the moment their position is very good in the Mac scene. Most their money is made on the Mac now, as VMware owns the Windows world. I've drunken the Mac koolaid, and it resulted in less headaches. I'm also not a Linux fan, have fun with lack of support, amateur developers, and shoddy development schedules. Ubuntu is the bane of existance, it's the fisher price of Linux, if this is any indication of how daft you are.

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