Downgraded RAM in Parallels 11 - What happens to existing VMs?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ChrisT3, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Kilo Poster

    So I just bought Parallels 11 this morning. I'm starting to think it was a mistake.
    After buying, I read that the maximum RAM assignable to a VM has been whacked to a max of 8gb.

    I've been running a couple of Windows VMs with 16gb and 6 vCPU assigned - and my question is, what's going to happen when I upgrade to 11? I'm hesitant, as there seems to be no explanation as to what will happen to a VM that's already beyond the max vCPU/vRAM limit.

    By the way, very, very unhappy with this change. Probably will be taking Parallels up on their refund policy. Is a shame; I loved the product up until recently - but the way things are going we'll be paying yearly for an increasingly dumbed-down version. Setting the vCPU/vRAM limit is purely arbitrary; the new version should at least support what P10 did.
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  2. Dishant@Parallels

    Dishant@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi ChrisT3,
    We have categorized Parallels Desktop based on the type of Users this time. The standard or Home version is for Home/student purpose usages. Based on your requirements we would suggest you to transfer the license to Pro version of Parallels Desktop 11. You can do it by clicking on Parallels Desktop on the top right of the Mac screen and then choosing Accounts and licenses. The pro version will have all the system requirements and settings you need. It is basically designed for high end users like Developers and IT professionals.
  3. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Kilo Poster

    And then I am stuck into a scenario in which if I do not pay yearly, my software stops working, completely.

    Does parallels think this is a reasonable alternative? Especially when this bifurcation of products was not made very clear when Parallels 11 was released. For every other upgrade, we at least upgraded to a similarly capable product. When I originally bought Parallels 8 and subsequent upgrades, I was purchasing a perpetual license. I still paid yearly and still probably would - but I never anticipated software shutting off if I didn't pay

    If I "upgrade" to 11 Pro, I now have zero perpetual licenses. My previous ones get cancelled. I am now switched from software I owned to software I rent.

    Does pro also allow secondary use on a laptop, per chance? This also would make it more reasonable.

    I imagine there is no Pro version that doesn't cease operation if one even temporarily stops subscribing?
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  4. MikeFulton

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    Come on Parallels, you seem to have a habit of dropping off the face of the earth when the questions get difficult. Chris is not just one voice... he's representative of many of your users, and we want answers to these questions!
  5. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Kilo Poster

    It seems they don't like disagreement, and basically just want to tell us "here's what we've got, take it or leave it."

    I think I know what I'm leaning towards with this attitude in play.

    So Dishant, I'll ask again, simply, one more time.

    Is there a Pro version option that doesn't cease functioning when you stop subscribing? Yes or no?

    What will happen to my existing 16gb VMs? Will they be "downgraded", or will they simply not work? I'd rather not try if I don't know the outcome.

    I would appreciate answers to these two simple questions.
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  6. rule225

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    @ChrisT3: As with other embarrassing threads for them, don't hold you breath for too long. Quite sure they won't provide a clear reply (or if lucky a politician-style response.)
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  7. Dishant@Parallels

    Dishant@Parallels Parallels Support

    Chris, I understand that you have VMs to which you have assigned 16GB RAM.
    Yes, the maximum number of CPUs that can be assigned to VMs is 4 and the maximum RAM that can be allotted is 8GB in the Standard version. But I am very sure that 8GB of RAM is more than sufficient to run multiple applications on your Windows VM at the same time. It will not limit the functionality of Windows at any cost. However if you are very sure that you need 16GB RAM for your VM and no less than that for your purpose then shifting to pro version is the only option.
    Also Pro version is subscription based so you will have to subscribe annually for it. There will not be any additional charges for the upgraded versions during your subscription period.
    Once again downgrading the VM will be a wrong way to look at it as this classification is based on the type of users and usages.In cases of normal applications your VM will work fine on 8GB RAM too. Please give it a try once by assigning 8GB RAM to your VM in your current copy of Parallels Desktop.
  8. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Kilo Poster

    > But I am very sure that 8GB of RAM is more than sufficient to run multiple applications on your Windows VM at the same time.

    So, Parallels determines what I need in my VMs and what's "more than sufficient" for me when arbitrarily removing features by setting a magic number. Got it. Can't see why people think your company is condescending to users at all, noooo..

    > It will not limit the functionality of Windows at any cost.

    Methinks you don't understand computers, Dishant. Because that is a false statement. Reducing RAM by 50% will most certainly limit functionality, "at any cost".

    >shifting to pro version is the only option.

    And Parallels should have mentioned that when I upgraded, clearly. They did not. I found out after the fact by reading marketing brochureware that 8GB+ was now a "feature" of Pro. Nothing about the Parallels 11 upgrade mentioned arbitrary, marketing-enforced limits would be set.

    > Also Pro version is subscription based so you will have to subscribe annually for it.

    So you're saying without saying, if you stop paying ad-infinitum, your copy of Parallels will stop working completely. I don't understand how you folks don't realize people might have a problem with this? And I don't understand why you keep dancing around it and won't just come out and say it.

    >Once again downgrading the VM will be a wrong way to look at it as your VM will work fine on 8GB RAM too.

    Are you in IT, or are you a politician?? Are you really going to sit here and insult me directly, as a customer, by trying to use weasel words and hand-wave me into thinking I shouldn't be looking at cutting my RAM in half as a "downgrade", since the VM will "work just fine" with half the RAM? Well gee, Dishant! I guess I should think of it as a feature, because my now reduced VM will leave extra memory available on the host! You sure there's not a CO2 leak over there at Parallels HQ?

    And after all this, you STILL haven't told me what will happen if I try to launch my 16GB VM. You seem to be saying through the lines that I need to boot it up in Parallels 10, cut the RAM in half, then install Parallels 11? How user-friendly. If I've already installed Parallels 11, what now, Dishant?

    FYI, Dishant, one of the main reasons I use Parallels is because I own a PC copy of Photoshop that I paid an arm and a leg for before moving to Mac. Guess what application eats RAM like burritos? Photoshop CS6, Dishant. Photoshop most certainly will have "downgraded" performance at 8GB RAM vs 16GB. Since it seems to boggle you that anyone who isn't using Parallels for high-end development would possibly use >8GB RAM, I thought I'd give you an example.

    However, thanks for being condescending, patronizing, and treating me like an idiot. 20 years in the IT industry and CS degree, and I guess I never figured out what RAM does. Whoda thunk??

    I know where Parallels stands as a company now, and will continue my business with them accordingly - making sure to let everyone I know in IT hear about my interaction along the way.

    Ponderous, really. Amazing.

    > Follow Parallels Support on Twitter: @ParallelsCares

    I take issue now with your company's Twitter handle. I think you're missing "OnlyAboutMoney" at the end.
  9. D-an-W

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  10. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Kilo Poster

    And that tweet is now gone - because yet again Parallels can't get their customer communications straight.

    In other news, Parallels processed my v11 refund today, so it's officially "Bye bye Parallels" for me thanks to this RAM downgrade issue that Parallels thinks I "shouldn't see as a downgrade".

    Maybe I'll be back if the company decides to get their crap together - but as it is now, our options are: downgrade to a toy version, or get locked into a subscription.
  11. JamesMcDowell

    JamesMcDowell Bit Poster

    Don't hold your breath Chris, the only thing that will get Parallels to move on this is a mass exodus of customers, which they seem to be going out of their way to facilitate. I too am not a fan of subscription software. All my Adobe products are still CS6 because of that. As I'm sure you're aware, there are other alternatives, some for free, that will do what you want without these kinds of hassles.
  12. ggascoigne

    ggascoigne Kilo Poster

    Just going to second what James said. Parallels support are in the bad position of having to defend something that they have no control over. And the people responsible may hear that we're complaining but can easily convince themselves that we're a minority and just don't matter - which is the impression that we're being given here for sure.

    I expect that we'll have to wait a year before they can look at their sales figures and see how their new policy affected things. So vote with your dollars people, it's the only way they'll pay attention.
  13. MartinS4


    Buying Parallels 10 was a very bad investment. I'm not purchasing Parallels 11 and the reason is an arbitrary limitation of CPU and RAM resources. I don't consider this to be a fair move from Parallels.

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