Drag and Drop won't drop sometimes when running Parallels

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by FreakyT, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. FreakyT


    I've noticed that sometimes while Parallels is running (I haven't yet found a pattern for it), my systemwide drag and drop gets weird, such that if I drag something, it never drops, even when I let go of the mouse. Has anyone else experienced this?

    My system:
    1. Mac OS Version: 10.6.5
    2. Parallels Build 6.0.11992
    3. What kind of computer: Macbook Pro 5,5 (late 2009 13")
    4. Total Physical RAM: 8gb
    5. Hard Drives: 160gb stock Hitachi HTS545
    6. If you are using a BootCamp configuration or not: No
    7. Did you upgrade from a BETA: No
    8. With what Build did the problem start: This one, just downloaded it
    9. If Parallels Tools are installed: Yes

    The guest os is Windows XP. I've had the problem while running in Coherence mode, but going to standard mode doesn't make it go away. In fact, quitting Parallels doesn't make the problem disappear, either.

    I'm also running BetterTouchTool, in case that is relevant.
  2. karlfranz


    Me too

    I'm experiencing the same exact problem. When Parallels 6 is running, I get a system-wide drag and drop problem where the drag action "sticks" and won't let go of the dragged object. After pressing the ESC key for a while and clicking over the originally dragged icon, it will return to the normal pointer, but I'm not able to complete a "drop". This happens all across my Mac desktop on all Mac applications whenever Parallels is running with my XP VM.
  3. FreakyT


    OK, so are you running BetterTouchTool? I had the problem until I upgraded, at which point it *seemed* to go away. If so, then try upgrading.

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