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  1. DavidA27

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    I am a university professor and looked to see if you offer an educator discount. Your FAQ suggests you do:

    Who qualifies for the 50% off student/educational discounted pricing?
    Currently enrolled students or educational employees--such as lecturers, teachers, or professors--who would like to run Windows on Mac.

    However when I tried to get the discount code I was rejected. I opened a support ticket with SheerID but they said that "Your request was rejected because the Parallels offer we protect is currently extended to students only. Your document showed that you are currently holding the faculty status, which is not eligible for this offer. "

    Therefore it is not clear how I obtain this code.
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  2. KebhaK@Parallels

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    If you are a student you can purchase Parallels Desktop from this website.For more information please refer this article
  3. IanS9

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    Hello, I'm considering this variant: Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac (1-year) - $39.99 via OnTheHub. Is it the best solution so far? I'm a college teaching assistant.
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  5. Ajith1

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    OnTheHub website is our official partner to sell Student Edition License. You can purchase Student Edition from OnTheHub.
  6. MichaelS115

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    Thank you very much for the information and for sharing your experience. Indeed, a very strange situation has developed.

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