Ejected USB drive not showing on host OS

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dmw3, Jun 13, 2006.

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    When a USB drive is ejected in XP it does not show up in the host OS, OSX 10.4.6, is this a problem with Parallels or OSX as by default Parallels takes command of the USB port as soon as a device in plugged in. Can you disable the default values of Parallels to grab any USB device as soon as it becomes available to the system?

    So far this seems to be the only issue that we have come across, certainty faster than VPC. One comment about licensing, would like to see some form of site licence for this product when the full release arrives.
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    Here's what I do:

    Turn off all the auto "grab" features of Parallels (Done in VM settings for each device). This gives OS X first shot at the devices. If you then need to use the device in guest OS, umount from OS X then go to Parallels and explicitly mount the device (from the Devices menu).

    If you then need to go back to OS X you need to eject device from Parallels/guest OS then remove and reinsert device. OS X will then see it again.

    For me this allows me to use device with either host or guest.

    If Parallels has auto mounting turned on the device will never be seen by OS X.

    This is with MBP and guest OS of Win2K.

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    Thanks Rick. Just what I wanted.

    Parallels works well with dual monitors and XP. Now I can manage all our servers from one laptop, both OSXS and Win 2003.

    Have you had experience with external usb hubs and Parallels.
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