email via 2x aquamail ... 2 account limit

Discussion in 'Parallels Mobile Device Management' started by pfk2013, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. pfk2013


    Is there a fix for the aquamail for 2x two email account limit as since the upgraded apps 2X MDM andAquamail for 2X. Aquamail asks for the 3cx MDM to be installed to allow more than to accounts to be accessed. Is there a solution or an update to aquamail pending to fix this.

    image attached of error message

    Aqualmail version 1.3.8-tcx8
    2X MDM version 8.0.696
  2. SeanBianco


    Hi there,

    This issue has been resolved with the release of the latest version of the 2X MDM client available on the Google Play store.

    If you have not upgraded already, please go to: ... om.tcx.mdm and press update to resolve the issue.

    Please advise should you have additional queries or require further assistance.

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