Error accessing Disk 0 by Windows 10 - recurring problem seemingly shared by others

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MikeB9, Feb 24, 2019.

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    I have posted this in another part of the Parallels but I think that it was not the most appropriate part so I am reposting most of of it here in the hope that it gets a response.

    I am on Parallels 12 running Windows 10. I get this error every 4 - 5 months. I have tried all the remedies provided in various KB (eg and none of them ever work. The only "solution" that works is to uninstall Parallels, Windows 10 and any software I have installed on Windows 10, and start all over again I have now done this at least five times and enough is enough. Unless someone can provide a solution that works and stays working, I will abandon Parallels and buy a cheap Windows laptop. So far, my experience with Parallels has been one of pleasure when it is working, punctuated with total frustration when it fails and a great deal of time and effort to get back to a working model.

    One of the KB suggests that the problem is a failed hard drive but there are no other symptoms consistent with this, all OSX items work properly and, given the number of earlier posts by people with the same problem, I find it hard to believe that they all have failed drives.

    I do not mind installing and reinstalling Parallels but doing this for Windows 10 and all the Windows software on it is a great deal of time and effort. If I reinstall Parallels, can I somehow link it to Windows 10 by, for example, following the procedure set out in That is, can I resolve the problem without having to reinstall Windows 10?
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    Hi @MikeB9 , Please reproduce the issue and send us a technical report ID by following steps in this article for investigating the issue further. And reinstalling Parallels Desktop will not make any changes to your Windows or it's programs. You can use the same Windows even after uninstalling and reinstalling Parallels Desktop.

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