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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by jeep4wrk, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Switching computers so did a fresh install on White MacBook running new Snow Leopard. Installed Parallels 5.0.9376 w/latest updates. Loaded XP Pro and ran Windows Update several times to get through Service Pack 3 and updates. So, fresh installs all around for Snow Leopard, Parallels and Windows XP Pro.

    On boot, Windows finds new hardware: Battery.
    Getting "Windows could not load the installer for Battery. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance."
    Of course it wants to find the installer and tries twice to do so. Each time I Cancel. A check of Device Manager shows 2 unknown devices under Battery.

    I never had this problem with the install on my other MacBook. I don't want to display the battery--just want Windows to load w/o the error each time.

    Suggestions? (And yes, I did several forum searches but didn't find this issue.)

  2. Ynot

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    Looks like a bit weird thing, we do not report any unusual, so XP must find proper battery and AC adapter.

    Anyway, you can disable battery for guest by unchecking box 'Show battery in windows'. It can be found at Options->Optimization in the virtual machine configuration editor.

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