ExpressCard/34 Recognized by Windows?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dscl, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. dscl


    Sprint finally released their own EVDO ExpressCard and from what I hear it works great on the Mac. I'm actually not even interested in using it through Parallels so much as I am activating the card through Windows using Parallels.

    So my question is if I start Windows and insert the card will it be recognized so that I can activate it through the Sprint Connection Manager?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Manatee


    I use a Verizon EV-DO Express card (Novatel V640) with my MBP and have no problem using it from Windows. I'm using shared networking in Parallels. I initially activated the card under OS X. I didn't have to do any additional activation under Windows. It just works.
  3. dscl


    Manatee, forgive my ignorance for a moment, but so sharing the connection works, but could you actually start Windows, put the card in and make the connection through Windows itself? IE not share the connection from OS X?
  4. dscl


    ::ignore me I'm an idiot who speakes to soon::
  5. shadowreader


    Yes, I bought the Sprint EVDO Expresscard last week(Merlin EX720) and was able to activate it within XP running in Parallels. I now use it primarily via the Mac drivers so that both the Mac and XP can share it. Works quite well. I have gotten up to 2meg dl speeds in Dallas and San Diego and these are not supposed to be REV A yet. The only bad thing is that the Mac drivers don't have the connection manager so you can't see signal strength or type of network. Not a huge problem though. You can always go into windows and run it with the connection manager to find out if you really need to.
  6. mbender71


    shadowreader, could you please elaborate on the version of parallels you're
    running and if you did anything special to get the EX720 to be recognized within
    WinXP in Parallels? I installed the Sprint Connection Manager in WinXP and when
    I run it, it just says "Insert your device...." Please help!!

    Many thanks,

    ps> I'm trying to unlock/activate the card... and I hope I can do this as I don't have a
    windows laptop with an expresscard slot nor do I have BootCamp running..
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  7. lozano


    I just finished the activating my new ex720 with rc3/build 3170.

    Stuff I had to do:
    - make sure to enable the device for parallels (in the usb device list) (I have "autoconnect of usb devices" turned off.
    - remove / reinsert the card occasionally
    - delete a bogus modem that was created incorrectly (listed as a novatel cdma modem, but should have been "novatel expd cdma modem". after deleting, re-inserted card and the automatic configuration worked correctly.

    There was a reboot or two thrown in for good measure. Sorry that I'm not more scientific here, but I wasn't paying that much attention.

    Worked out fine in the end, however. Some good info here and in surrounding threads.
  8. mbender71


    Many thanks lozano!

    It wasn't easy and intuitive, but from lozano's hints and other's successful reports
    I did get my EX720 from Sprint working late last night. Obviously those that have
    new EX720's that haven't been unlocked/activated will have to most problems as
    you have to get Sprint's Connection Manager installed in your WinXP VM under
    Parallels first. What was *NOT* intuitive was the EX720 ExpressCard showing
    up under Parallels USB device list, but its there and you can connect. When
    you insert the card for the first time in your WinXP VM, WinXP will try to install
    USB drivers which are located on your WinXP install CD. Keep that handy or
    better yet, copy the i386 directory from the CD to your VM for safe keeping always.
    Once you unlock/activate in WinXP you'll then (like lozano said) have to reboot
    a couple of times for good measure, and delete the bogus Novatel CDMA modem
    since once the EX720 is unlocked a NEW modem type appears (Novatel EXPD CDMA
    modem). After that its just happiness... Here are some notes:

    - Is it me or is that flashing green light on the EX720 annoying (when data is xferring)??
    - I'm getting 1.0Mbps to 1.8Mbps download in my area and a constant 120kbps on the up.
    - I'm not in Rev A area yet.
    - The EX720 doesn't appear to draw much power at all.
    - Is there a way to have the EX720 connect automatically once inserted???

    I hope more EX720 people post comments and performance notes here!

  9. lozano


    Glad that the hints were helpful. I'm jealous, you're getting 2x uploads & downloads as I was in quick tests last night! Also not in rev a area, but I was testing from a relatively weak signal area.

    As for connecting automatically, go to system preferences, network, then from the pull-down box select the "novatel wireless expd cdma", then the "ppp tab, then the "ppp options" button towards the bottom, just left of center, then click the "connect when needed" check box.

    That should do it. Enjoy!

    Btw I'm sitting in a weak signal area at the airport right now and it's dropping every five minutes or so, & it then auto reconnects as well.

    As for the flashing lights, think the original "battlestar gallactica" ;-)

    - Bob
  10. ccantrell


    Unfortantly, my Parallels keeps telling me the device is in use when I try to select it under Devices --> USB.

    In OS X, I tell the system to turn off the card but on mine, the green light stay lite. Any suggestions or tips?


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