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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Davoud, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Davoud

    Davoud Bit Poster

    Parallels 3.0 Build 4128, XP Pro, all updates
    MB Pro, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo / 3GB / 1500MB for Parallels.

    The drive is in Windows format and it is designated as a Parallels shared device. It used to work, but now when I plug it in I get the message "USB device you are trying to connect [sic] to the virtual machine is being used by another application. Close that application or unplug the device and plug it again [sic]. Then try to connect the device again.

    There is no other application, and disconnecting and re-connecting does nothing except cause the above message to appear repeatedly. The drive works when I boot into Windows.


  2. mrfish


    Same here

    I am having the very same problem. No matter what external HDD i connect i get the message about being used by another application. If I can't connect an external HDD then i'm well and truly stuffed.
  3. dave_hill


    And me

    Same issue here too!
  4. jdw66


    USB Stopped working after swapping machines

    My USB stick also seemed to stop working with the same error
    after I migrated from my Macbook to a Macbook Pro. I am unable
    to get it work again and reluctant to uninstall and reinstall Parallels
    until I get further info, but may have to do that. I am wondering
    why there is no post from Parallels about what to do.
  5. jobie


    It's been HOURS!!!

    I've been trying to solve the same problem for HOURS!! Has anyone had any luck????
  6. davetroup


    Not just USB drives

    I am having the exact same problem when I plug in a different USB device (a GPS navigator.) I get the same message saying that it's in use by another application -- even though it's not.

    Clearly there are USB problems with the new 3.0 version. I hope they fix them soon.
  7. slag


    This is ridiculous (EDITED)

    Sorry About The Angry Post.

    You Guys Had A Fix For Me Upgrading To 10.4.10 And I Didn't Find It Until After I Lost My Mind.

    My Bad.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2007
  8. danison


    think i know

    Have been dealing with t his too.. wanted to throw puter into street and smash it.. It appears to be caused by the update to mac 0sx.4.10 with the older build of PD. Supposedly, upgrading to build 3214 fixes it. I'm trying that now.

    I HOPE SO!!
  9. PT Fone Home

    PT Fone Home

    Same Problem

    I'm having the same problem with USB, it says it's in use.. has anyone come up with a work around for this yet?
  10. w7ox


    Davoud and all,

    I just connected my 120 GB FAT32 usb drive to this MacBook (early model, OS X 10.4.10, 2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD) running WinXP Pro under Parallels 3. After going though the expected "Found new hardware" song and dance, I was able to access the disk.

    So I'm not having this problem. In fact I'm having none of the problems reported here -- except for lack of an Image Tool to resize the hdd (and mine was set to 30 GB in PD 2, big enough).

    In this and other areas PD 3 is a real puzzle. Features that work for some users will not work for others; and no one is finding a systematic reason why in each case.

    Seems like something Parallels should have caught before release. Maybe the beta test program did not include enough testers and a large enough variety of configurations.

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  11. renochoi


    MBP 2.0 CoreDuo / OSX 10.4.10 / Parallels Build 3212

    I have the same problem as above. In fact, all my USB stuffs don't work, i.e. MemoryStick, Ext HDD, Scanner, and you name it!

    Perhaps it's due to OS update, but surely there was no such hassle at all before. As I was thinking of buying Parallels v3.0 to fix it, it doesn't seem to be worth it.

    Does anyone shine me a light on this?
  12. USB not working at all with updates from Apple and Parallels

    I posted a thread on this in the General Questions before I saw this one. Apples' support groups aren't working today - figures. I even have a support ticket in and no call back from Parallels - real dissapointment.
  13. dkp


    Apple didn't release 10.4.10 until after PD 3 came out. Beta testers would not have had access to 104.10 to test.

    This has been discussed frequently in the last several days. If you are running Parallels 3.0 there is no fix for 10.4.10 nor is one needed according to Parallels. If you are running Parallels 2.5 with Apple's 10.4.10 update then you need to update Parallels to build 3214 using the Update option in the Parallels Help menu. Earlier versions of Parallels that 3214 do not work with OS X version 10.4.10 particularly in regards to USB. Apple did enough of a re-write of the USB code that it broke not only Parallels but also VMWare Fusion.
  14. tom27


    While I understand that you write in faviour of Parallels, there are a few things you are missing:

    1. Some USB devices have stopped working during Parallels 2.5. I have spent months trying to get my urgently required dongle to work again (it once worked! - that´s why I have purchased Parallels). No answer from support, no ideas, plain... nada! And that way way before 10.4.10...

    2. All software developers receive pre-releases of Apple operating systems if they are ADC members. Parallels is featured on my Apple sites and I don´t believe that communication was so bad that Parallels didn´t know anything.

    3. There are many-many posts of people who cannot use their USB devices. I haven´t seen one of them properly adressed by the support team. Parallels - as a company - grows for sure, but it seems customers have to pay the price for it. That´s pretty sad...

  15. pooru


    Me too. They really need to get their finger out.

    P. (*_*)
  16. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

  17. tom27


    Hi Eru, thanks for pointing me to this thread. I´ll try that asap and post my results

  18. ksrhee24


    I had a same issue. Here is what I did to make this happen.

    Start Parallels. Eject the hard disk or flash drive from Mac so that Mac doesn't see it.

    Go to Parallels menu (devices/USB) and turn on the external drive or flash drive. Hopefully you will see your external disk within your VM.
  19. nanwat


    Printer,thumb drive not working again/mouse not visible in VM

    I too am incredibly frusrtated as I had spent HOURS sorting through workarounds to get both working . THen for no apparent reason I could not get the printer or thumb drive to work and the mouse periodically gets "left behind" on the Mac OS. I then have to force quit my vm which I don't like doing & start all over again & hope like hell the mouse will appear on my VM's desktop.For some reason I ultimately ended up with the same printer showing twice http://www.flickr.com/photos/httpwwwflickrcomphotoswattos/. I deleted the one that wasn't working (have no idea what was going on or how that happened) but still no printer until I updated .
    I have just download a 51.5 mb upgrade Build 3214. It said it was for Parallels Version 2.5 but stated it would fix USB compatibility issues in OS 10.4.10 ?
    As I have Parallels V 3.0 installed I am still very confused and was worried I was installing an older version of Parallels,especially when I also got a message saying I could upgrade to Parallels V3.0. Only that I was absolutley DESPERATE to sort out all these USB problems that I continued with the installation. It seems to have worked but can anyone explain how V 2.5 comes AFTER V 3.0 ? Perplexed.....
  20. nanwat


    Have just realized (seeing my signature) that my Mac OS has automatically upgraded to 10.4.10 so that explains perhaps why I suddenly had no mouse or printer but I"d stil like to know why I was downloading Parallels V 2.5 ?

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