Extracted newest iSight drivers?

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    I have Parallels Build 3214 on MacBook CoreDuo. I have XPP & Vista Business as guest OSes; they both run fine.

    So far I've had only limited luck in the XPP OS - it recognizes as camera (I can see the images through the wizard in control panels) but never had luck in having AIM/YIM/etc see the camera. On the Vista side, the OS can't even see the camera.

    The driver was installed from the ZIP file found on the Internet (various threads references it) & the date stamp is from August of 2006; if I'm not mistaken it is version 1.1? BTW, I haven't installed Boot Camp (any iterations of it).

    So is there a link where someone has uploaded the newest version of extracted iSight driver? I'm hoping the newest extract will solve the applications not recognizing iSight camera problem in XPP & also solve the OS not recognizing in Vista will be fixed.

    Thanks for any help!
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