Facetime camera stops using MS Teams in Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MarkW34, Apr 30, 2020.

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    I use Parallels for online work. I checked the following: influence of second screen on freezes en crashes.
    First test: connection via miniport adapter to HDMI -> crash with Parallels Technical Report as a result (FINALLY - ID: 347581304).
    Second test: connection via miniport adapter to VGA -> crash of everything with Apple Crash Report as a result. Of course I have send it in!
    Conclusion: the only reason for the freezes and crashes are the FaceTime camera. The (type of) connection to a second screen has nothing to do with it.
    Please solve this problem, Parallels !!!
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    I've also been experiencing this annoying issue for the past 3 months even after playing with every possible setting in the VM configuration. I'm running Windows 10 on a Macbook Pro 15in. with Touchbar with 16 Gb of RAM (8 dedicated to the VM), a Radeon Pro 560 with 4 Gb of dedicated video RAM and running macOS Catalina. Haven't tried it since my last upgrade to Parallels Desktop 16 but reading your comments, I have very little hope this will solve the issue. Can't believe I'll have to purchase a USB camera in order to use Microsoft Teams video calls, this doesn't make sense. Please fix this issue, the forums are full of unhappy users experiencing the same behaviour using the FaceTime built-in camera.
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  3. GijsS


    I am experiencing this as wel, both with external screen as macbook screen. connected via usb-c, thunderbolt, but also hdmi and display port. I'm using several stypes of screens on differnt locations. Also, using the facetime cam but also a logitech usb cam.
    My macbook pro is a 15" 2019 touchbar 2.6ghz i7 with 16gb ram and optional radeon pro 560x 4gb videocard. i'm running catalina 10.15.6 and parallels 16 for a win 10 VM. My teamsversion is ( 64bits). Appart from the freezes , I experience total crashes of paralelles and even MacOS. also, when using teams, the macbook starts blowing profusively because of high loads. This is really annoing!!!
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    Any word on this? 6+ months seems like a long time to not be able to fix an issue. This is happening on my 2018 MacBook Pro 16" with built-in Facetime camera, MacOS 10.15.6, Parallels 16.0.1, Windows 10 Enterprise 1909, Teams

    This doesn't happen with Skype for Business, Webex Teams, Zoom or with external cameras.

    Please fix ASAP

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