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  1. CharalamposM


    After I migrate my sites from old plesk version to the new, I fail to create new site on the accounts.

    The problem that starts with is

    Unable to lookup SID for name IWPC_5(username): (1332) No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
    at addHosting( line 3078)
    at execute console command --install-vhost(vconsoleapp::start line 129)
    at execute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\/admin/bin/websrvmng" --install-vhost ""(vconsoleapp::run line 140)
    Execute file name: C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\websrvmng.exe

    and after that fail everything then fails, and ends.

    Whats left up, is the MailEnable created site, and the site in the database of plesk, but have stop, I can not then do nothing with the site (that I see it on the plesk).

    I have remove it manually, then try again to install, but fail.
    Try to install different web name, also fail.

    Please help .!
  2. RusselJ

    RusselJ Banned

    I have also the same problem with you. What is the best remedy for this?[​IMG]

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