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  1. FelixW5

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    Hi dear Parallels community.
    I am using for some time now Parallels 16 on my M1 MacBook Pro and many of it works like a charm.
    For my work, I need to use a tool and I'd like to use it on my private MacBook too.

    Yet when installing, it cancels with following error message "Failure to install component- cannot create link" as in the attachments.

    Is this an ARM related issue or am I just to dumb to install it?
    Operation System Windows Version 10.0.21301 Build 21301
    Bios Parallels 16.3.2


    Oh and I am am not so good at knowing Windows 10, so the issue can be quite basic.

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  2. FelixW5

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    Ok joke is on me, changed the location of the install.exe and then it worked fine. :)
  3. MichaelH63

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    The x64 emulation is still fairly new. It should work with your build, but problems are to be expected. That said, your screenshot is weird. It looks like the app tries to add a link on your Mac desktop instead of the Windows desktop during setup. Can you disable the option to create a desktop shortcut?
  4. ChengQ

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    你好,我想在M1 Macbook上安装Mastercam软件,因为这款软件没有Mac资源,只能安装parallels虚拟win10环境,但是在安装软件后还需要安装一个X64应用,软件才能正常使用。为什么要安装这个应用呢?是因为正版Mastercam许可证版权费用个人难以接受,所以使用破解版。这个X64应用就是破解程序。但是在M1上是不能运行这个应用的。请问各位有什么办法能解决这个问题呢?还是重新买一台电脑就没有这些问题了。感谢!

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