FEATURE REQUEST: Boot.ini and startup config/verifier

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by grinthock, Aug 30, 2007.


This issue is important to be as a user

  1. YES - Please create this tool

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  3. I don't understand the issue, this doesn't apply to me.

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  1. grinthock

    grinthock Bit poster

    Parallels devs;

    Can you create a OS X application or tool that can check and verify the BOOT.INI and HAL.DLL settings within our boot camp partitions?

    When Parallels ends uncleanly, as it does frequently for people here so it seems, the boot up process get's mashed -- and rebooting into pure windows via bootcamp stops working. This is simply an unacceptable issue.

    If we had a tool, that would check the various system files, and confirm if the bootcamp partition is in PArallels mode, or Bootcamp mode and then made the appropriate changes, we would all be better off here.

    The solution "Boot into parallels and then shut down cleanly" isn't an option -- it simply does not always work.

    I don't see this is a difficult request -- and it fixes many issues we have around here.

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