fedora 31 and Coherence mode

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by GabrielS4, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. GabrielS4

    GabrielS4 Bit Poster

    i have installed with success and is working the parallels tools, but Coherence is disable.
    is there anyting that we can do so Coherence can work ?
  2. Mark Fine

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    I think they said they are moving away from coherence mode to focus on other features. The problem is with the Gnome plugin. I had it working for a while, but the plugin broke in the last iteration of Gnome so I gave up and just went full-screen.
  3. Hi GabrielS4. Your Linux virtual machine may work in Coherence mode but this view mode is no longer supported. According to the statistics, it's a rarely used feature but rather complicated to support.

    See Deprecated features note for Parallels Desktop 15 here https://kb.parallels.com/124724
  4. Mark Fine

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    Unless Parallels is monitoring how people are using their Linux VMs I have no idea how such statistics could be arrived at and still be considered valid. I certainly hope that's not the case, because that would clearly classify Parallels as spyware. That being said, I am one of the silent 'few' that prefer coherence mode over full screen or windowed. I once found a way to make it work until it didn't and then just gave up because of other life commitments.

    If Parallels have made a business decision to focus most of their support on Windows, I'd believe that just judging from the volume of comments in these forums. It seems as if we users do lion's share of the unofficial Linux support here, which begs the question of what our $50/yr is actually paying for. It's certainly not for keeping Parallels operational with the most recent distributions of Linux, which always seems to be at least a version behind until the next major version of Parallels is released in the fall - for another $50.

    Maybe, if we expect Parallels to change behavior towards Linux (and other non-Windows) support, perhaps we should really change ours and not be as forthcoming with technical solutions, doing Parallels' work and having to still pay you for it.
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  5. DietrichL3

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    Wow, and I'm wondering since one year why this is not working, recompiled many times the kernel, posted here in this forum about kernel patches, and you want to say now that this is not working anyhow? Can you please clarify/confirm, if I as a user have no option for Coherence mode using a Linux OS and explain what the remaining benefits of Parallels then are?
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  6. Mark Fine

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    Right now, the only benefits are that you can run in a separate desktop (or window) and still interoperate with the host's disk storage and io systems, as well as with other VMs to an extent.

    Being in a separate desktop (or window) is not as integrated as coherence mode, but it still works (as we users continue to maintain it). I personally don't like window mode because of the way it shrinks things. In desktop mode I continually find myself doing a three finger swipe gesture to jump to another desktop (usually the main one), which again, is not as easy as just clicking on something in the dock.
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