Fedora 7 Wireless setup

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by marebrood, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. marebrood


    Hey All,

    I am fairly new to linux and figured this was a great way to learn (using Parallels on my new Macbook Pro). I have installed Fedora 7, but I am having problems finding a way to set up the wireless. Has anybody done this yet with Fedora? Can anybody provide me with some pointers or any online resources that may explain the process (I have searched around and cant find anything on the subject).

    Thanks alot for any help people can provide!

  2. spook


    Hi Brad,

    In my experience, if you setup parallels to use any network connection that is valid on your mac (in the networking options, either shared or bridged) it should "just work", no wireless specific setup needed, as the mac handles the connection to the outside world and parallels handles the conection from the virtual linux to the mac. As long as you have the realtek network card driver working... (FC normally has this as part of the default install).

    I hope this was of some help


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