Fedora Core 4 - Plesk 8 - Joomla or Mambo

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by blondsummer, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. blondsummer


    Hi everybody, i've got a big Big BIG problem. I'm not sure it's a Parallels problem.

    I have on my miniMac:
    • a Fedora Core 4 VM.
    • I have install the Plesk 8.
    All is fine, and all is worling well.

    • I install joomla or mambo in a domain managed by plesk.
    All is fine, and all is working well.

    I try to reboot (with plesk or with fedora or in ssh)
    MySQL for Joomla (or mambo) doesn't work. I've got an error 1 (means : mambo attempts to talk with mysql on the server and fails to even talk to it - this might be because the server does not have mysql installed at all or maybe it is not configured correctly)

    If someone can help me... Thanks.
  2. blondsummer


    No suggestion for my problem ?
  3. cajetanus


    Well, hard to give help without some details.

    Can you verify that the mysql server is running, by the commandline tools for instance or by a ps aux ?

    What ports are blocked by the firewall?

    Does PHP have the mysql extensions necessary ? phpinfo();

    Could be many different things, but first make sure mysql is there and running.

    Hope to be of some help.

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