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Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by viking, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. viking

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    I installed Ubuntu as a Linux guest OS in Parallels, but I can't share any file or folder between OSX and Linux, as I do with my Windows virtual machine.
    I thought of using a USB memory stick for this, but it doesn't mount in Linux.

    Any idea?

  2. Ankou

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    Hello Viking
    Unfortunately, you can't share folders between OSX and Linux in current version of Parallels Desktop.
  3. viking

    viking Bit poster

    Thanks for your answer! But then, I'm still looking for a way to share some files between the two environments.

    Have you got an idea on how to make my USB stick mount in a Parallels Ubuntu VM ?

    If I click on 'USB Disk' in the Parallels window, the USB volume disapears from OSX desktop (which is what I expected), and then it should appear on Ubuntu's desktop, but it doesn't. It just worked one or twice, randomly.

    I proceed the same way with a VMware Ubuntu VM, and there's no problem.

    Best regards,

  4. theorique

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    One very quick and dirty option is to set up an AIM screen name for use inside your vm and one for your host OS (or use your regular IM name if you are normally logged in to AIM).

    You can easily send files from one "user" to the other, into and out of the VM. It's a good option for transferring a small number of files (even a very large file as it is quite fast). For larger numbers of files or a whole directory tree, you would probably want to tar the files.
  5. kraves

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    Has anyone tried using a Hamachi client on both and transferred files, as the files would just be transferred internally on the virtual net inferface.
    Sounds like it should work similar to the AIM solution.
    Haven't tried it myself yet.

  6. itsdapead

    itsdapead Hunter

    Use network file sharing...

    The usual solution is to use file sharing. The following should be quick and easy:
    1. On the mac, go to the "sharing" control panel and under "services" enable "remote login"
    ... look at the message "To log in to this computer remotely, type 'ssh username@hostname'" and note the username and host name if you're not already sure.

    2. On ubuntu (I tried this on feisty):

    Places -> Connect to Server
    Service type: SSH
    Server: hostname from above
    User Name: username from above.

    3. The folder should now appear on your desktop - double-click and you'll be prompted for your mac password. You should now be in business (although you'll have to find your Users/wotsisname folder before you can create anything).

    You *might* have to discover your Mac's numeric IP address if the hostname isn't recognised - and use that in place of the hostname.

    Longterm, you'll probably want to set up Samba (windows file sharing). Haven't got time to write a HOWTO just now, but the potted version is:
    (a) On the Mac side, enable "Windows sharing" in the "Sharing" control panel
    (b) Go find a HOWTO for connecting to a windows file share from Ubuntu.
  7. sidssp

    sidssp Hunter

    Why don't you just use NFS mount or SAMBA?
  8. ajwans

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    Try searching for "nfsmanager" on this forum and you should find my posts
    about setting up NFS sharing between Mac OS X host and Linux guest.

  9. DougO

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    I could not find the post(s).

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