Fix Outlook Send/Receive Error 0x8004010f - How can i resolve it ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rosew, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. rosew

    rosew Bit Poster

    Hi friends,
    From today morning I have been facing this error.
    I have searched on Google but didn't find any convenient solution.
    Please suggest best solution.
  2. Hi rosew. Please refer this Microsoft article and check if it helps.
  3. rosew

    rosew Bit Poster

    hello Sathiya@Parallels,
    Thankyou for giving your reply.
    I will check your link.
  4. You're welcome. Please post again for any additional queries.
  5. TirthankarB

    TirthankarB Bit Poster

    Being an expert, I would suggest you to go for manual procedures.
    These manual procedures will surely help you out in resolving this error.
    just go through the step by step guide to complete it.
    Hope it helps

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