Forthcoming trial licenses expiration - official responce

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. STim

    STim Super Moderator

    Hi guys,

    I'll repeat a message from Parallels official in one of the forum threads. We do understand that all of you are very much concerned about the forthcoming trial keys expiration.

    I can assure you that we'll provide a possibility to receive a prolonged key to ensure the uninterruptable operation until we go GA. Everybody who preordered will receive their permanent key on the day of GA.

    Please, be sure that there will be no interruption in your ability to run Parallels Virtual machines on Mac.

    Thanks Tim

    The answer that was given by some forum members (just click on "send keys" to get a new trial key) doesn't work - your system is smarter than that and sends me a trial key with the same expiration as the initial key...

    I know there are five days left, not panicing, yet :)

  3. MacTopia


    Been using PW since Beta 3...and have two activation keys. One from the beginning, and one issued yesterday...

    Thank you for your interest in Parallels Workstation! Your trial activation key is below:

    PRODUCT : Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X
    START DATE : 2006-04-29
    END DATE : 2006-05-29

    To complete

    Why some work and some don't I dunno...
  4. n4khq


    It works now.

    I wish it did. I just tried again. I get the exact same key - every time. I'm sure I'll be blacklisted soon for trying so many times :D

    What were the dates on your original license? And are you using the same account / email address? One workaround would of course to simply register again with a different email address (the advantage of your own domain - unlimited email addresses)

  6. peterwor


    Thanks for the statement. Can you clarify s to HOW we will get those new keys or extensions? I preordered mine PW long ago and use it daily.
    Do we need to reapply for keys, will you send us keys?

  7. David Witkowski

    David Witkowski

    I too preordered mine, and I requested a new license key TODAY using my account, I received the email with the key, however, it still expires on 5/6
    Please advise how we will get the externsion.

    This is the key I received today:
    Thank you for your interest in Parallels Workstation! Your trial activation key is below:

    PRODUCT : Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X
    ACTIVATION KEY : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
    START DATE : 2006-04-06
    END DATE : 2006-05-06
  8. davidee


    Ditto same thing for me, 5/6 is the date shown when it send me the key. Also I did the pre-order.

    BTW thanks this software is great!
  9. macintologist


    Ok I tried to get a new trial key (click send key) and it sent me my old one which expires in five days :(
  10. davert

    davert Bit Poster

    FWIW, I have the same experience, with May 5. I also pre-ordered.
  11. wmd


    Me too

    same thing - preordered, expiring in 5 day, requested new key, got old expiration date
  12. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    I wound up just reregistering. If you have your own domain, or an email account that lets you create aliases, just use another alias for your email address.

    Alternatively, set up a yahoo mail or something and use that.

    The key they sent my new alias expires 5/29.
  13. chazzzzy


    I purchased two serial numbers.. yet they never sent me the new serial numbers. How do I get them.. I am about to expire!

    Charles Como
  14. bcjenkins


    Guys, relax... Tim says you/I won't be interrupted. We still have 3 days 2 hours and 29 minutes until expiration. (But who's counting ;-)
  15. rohela


    This company needs a leson in marketing and customer relations. There is no reason to a make users wait until the last minute. Or is there some something else going on? Combined with the removal of the forum link it appears that they are trying to hide. Horrible PR for them.
  16. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider

    "needs a lesson" and "horrible" strike me as a bit of hyperbole. I pre-ordered, and I don't yet have a new activation key, but everything about the way this company has acted gives me reassurance, the opposite of what you suggest.
  17. bogg


    What is your problem? All i see you do is spill crap over this company.

    What have they done so absolutely wrong, and WHY, just WHY would they want to hide? They have a product that apparently is working fine ("old" version for Linux/Windows and now the betas for OS X).

    Oh, I forgot, now they've got the whole mac-world lured into believing they've actually got a working Virtualization software for OS X/Intel, and (although we are able to try it out) it is obviously just a scam to get peoples money.

    Yes, that is it. They create a few splendid betas, that nearly works as well as final versions, just to scam people from their money. I really see the logic in that... The money they've spent for R'n'D is actually just make-belief, and they've actually used their magical knees to make the betas appear.

    *Jiggling with his own knees, hoping to make a PowerMac G5 appear* ...damn, why won't this work?

    And why do they keep people waiting when there is only 3-4 days left on their trial-keys. OMG, i Know, i's because they've got their hands full in programming... Wait, sorry i meant "scamming people" not "programming"... And by "only" I was sarcastic, who the hell cares if it is 4 days left or 1 day, as soon as they get the prolonged trial-keys out there soon.

    In Short: Why would they want to "hide" and scam people when they obviously got working versions out there already (that is full linux/windows and great beta for OS X)? Your logic is flawed.
    Last edited: May 2, 2006
  18. tj4shee


    Here Here..... This company has put other companies to shame with their constant updates and their activity in the forums (when DO they find time to program).....

    Keep up the great work Parallels...... you are doing a GREAT job !

    Now, I have to admit I do have a little anxiety re: my trial key expiring in a few days... so I am going to register with a different email........

    Now, the reason for my anxiety ..... I have put my slow Windows laptop (work issued) in the closet and have become totally reliant on Parallels - even in the Beta stages it has been absolutely stable for me.....

    Now I know.... I shouldn't put all my eggs in a Beta basket..... I have been in the IT business for 25 years ..... and know better...... yet, I scurried to install Bootcamp (and ended up being one of those few where Bootcamp destroyed the Mac partition).... and then I scurried to install Parallels.... and luckily have had just the opposite experience from Bootcamp.

    Again .... GREAT JOB Parallels Team - Thanks !
  19. rohela


    How can I give my employees Macs to run Win on Parallels if I cannot count on Parallel to properly support the product? Likie everyone else I hope they succeed. I paid for the product.

    But all of the people attacking me are basically saying that they are emotionally invested in the company and so take any questioning of the company as a personal attack.

    However, the people at Parallels should know that the vast majority of the public is not as emotionally tied to Parallels as are their beta testers, and especially the people on these forums. The public's reactions will be very different from what you see here. They want open adn visible forums so they can make an informed decision.

    I don't care if the bandwidth charges on the forum are too high (or whatever concern caused you to make this horrible decision)- raise the price of the product but give us something that we can rey on to conduct our business activities. Beta testers do not make their living with a product. The real world does. You have to market to them and not think that beta testers represent anything but the technological first adopters who will make allowances that the public will not.

    Am I being a little shrill? Yes, because I want them to stop being programmers and start seeing what it takes to make a conmpany that is more than a niche player.
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  20. MarkHolbrook


    Well for now... I want them to remain programmers and finish the product. Make it rock solid and stable then it is the answer to my prayers (and I'm not a religious man!).

    As far as the forum goes, the removal of the link from the web page may simply be a ploy to get more people to buy in. I have to admit that a price of $39 or even $49 for a product like this is ridiculously low. I'm not complaining mind you but I would probably plonk down $49 even if I expected Parallels to simply go away some day.

    So far they have been wonderful in the customer support arena and I don't expect that to change.


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