Forthcoming trial licenses expiration - official responce

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. PubGuy


    I'm sorry, but I agree...there is no reason to be shady about the ultimate resolution. Just tell us what you intend to do to solve the problem. ie: (1) send all users new keys (2) issue a new beta with extended expiration based on current keys (3) whatever..... just tell us what you intend to do. I really don't know why it is necessary to toy with us. All of us are bleeding-edge beta testers....we can understand if you just tell us what you intend to do BEFORE the expiration date (now less than 2 days away). Please stop the cloak and dagger stuff ... how are you going to fix this?
  2. Wayne T

    Wayne T

    I don't understand the stress here ...- assurances have been given by reputable responsible people.

    If concerns remain, the fix is simple and has already been given - just register again with a different email address and you'll get another month.

    I don't think anyone is 'being shady' - it's a BETA program - they probably just haven't finalized how they're going to handle the whole thing sensibly and cost-effectively (Or, to put it another way, there are many unknowns and they haven't figured out how to do it yet... :) )
  3. PubGuy


    Wayne T, I don't think anyone is stressed, but this is a BETA program and all of us are being asked to submit detail findings of problems with the software.

    I don't think its unreasonable for us beta testers to be asking for, and given, what this super-secret resolution to the beta expiration is going to be. A lot of us know are using this daily and we have been told of an "officeial" resolution, but not what that means.

    Using another email address to fake a 2nd registration is NOT a good solution, certainly not an "official" solution --- that's a half a** work around, if you catch my drift.

    It just seems exteremly strange that Parallels won't articulate what they intend to do, and this should have been clearly posted when these error messages first started showing up. Yeah, I'm a little concerned that they STILL won't tell us. :cool:
  4. myflyertrains


    It is possible that the expiration date is not actually the one displayed. They may have added something to the last BETA to give everyone some extra time. I don't think anyone knows exactly what happens when it does expire. Quit functioning, display a message, who knows. They have given us 6 BETAs in a month, so hopefully they will react quickly once the time comes when it is necessary. I have to admit that between the expiring keys, and the disappearing forum link thing, I have had some worry over this. I had already pulled the trigger and registered. Had I not done this already, I would be waiting for the above issues to be resolved before ordering.
  5. nhand42


    How lucky they are to have such a wise person to give them guidance.
  6. tommytrc


    New Key Generated!

    I was able to got o the "my account" area and generate a new key lasting till 6-2-06. Seems is Parallels is making good on their commitmenet to keep me running.

  7. Bandito



    Damn, another conspiricy theory bites the dust!
  8. dru_


    Perhaps the intend is to release a GA version on Thursday, along with a mass mailing of GA keys to purchasers? This would explain the secrecy.

    On the other hand, perhaps, it's just an automated system, and come thursday, the system will allow ou to request another key. Either way, it's not an issue that I'll worry about until Friday, when my Parallels stops working.
  9. jsolderitsch


    Likewise 2. New key generated. Don't have to see the pending key expiration notice any more.

    woo hoo
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  11. andyeb


    Same here - just got an email from Parallels with an updated beta key :)

    I guess ya'll can relax now ;)

  12. dbourne

    dbourne Bit Poster

    Just got my extended beta key. Haven't had a chance to try it yet but good news for continued development. It must be getting close to fc.
  13. dr_lha


    Wow. I really can't believe some of the posts in this thread.

    Of course, I too got my extended key, just as the Parallels guys promised. If you're reading this Parallels programmers, thanks for all the hard work, not all of us are jerks like some of the people in this thread.
  14. PubGuy


    Give me a break....why didn't they just come out and say they would generate new keys and have them emailed to all beta testers before the current ones expired. That's all we were asking for...a clear definition of what this "official solution" was going to be. All these threads on this was a waste of time and totally unnecessary if they just told us that up front.:rolleyes:
  15. MarkHolbrook


    I donno... I can imagine generating 100,000 new beta keys could take some work.

    Perhaps they were testing us... They wanted to see just how much PW means to us. :)

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