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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by John the Geek, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. John the Geek

    John the Geek

    It would be more intuitive if the Full Screen command adjusted the VM's screen resolution (via the Parallels tools) to match the native Mac resolution.

    For example: I have my VM console view set to 1024x768, and when I go to full screen it automatically switches to 1440x900 (Naitive MacBook Pro resolution) and then when I return to Console View it returns to 1024x768...

    Another nicety, would be an option to pause the VM when leaving full screen mode. So when I leave full screen I return to the Mac.... and then the ultimate in cool would be a finder keystroke to unpause and return me to full screen in the VM. (Might require a separate daemon to listen for that keystroke and tell Parallels to reactivate, unpause, and go full screen.)

    Anyway... those are my only thoughts... it's almost perfect already. =)
  2. STim

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  3. deathshadow

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    and that's why we love you guys, half the time we ask for something, it's already in the latest release or already on the to-do list for the next one.
  4. nataylor


    I don't think the feature John the Geek wants is actually in beta 5. I think what he wants is to run a guest OS at, say 1024x768 when in windowed mode (so it fits on the screen of his MacBook, with all the interface bits around it, etc), and then switch the guest OS to 1440x900 only when switched to full screen mode. Or to basically hide the guest OS window and have Parallels running in the background, and when a certain keystroke is entered, switch to the guest OS in full screen mode. So this way you could be working in OS X, hit a keystroke and you cube transition over to Windows. Hit the same keystroke and you cube transition back to OS X.
  5. kaufman


    While I would also love to see this functionality buit in, you can do the same thing now by getting a free program called Virtue (http://virtuedesktops.info/). It is a multiple desktop program that does exactly what you are looking for.

  6. ScottTFrazer



    This actually does work in beta 5. Just be sure to uncheck that "Change Mac OS X resolution" checkbox in the prefs.

    Here's how I did it:

    Go into fullscreen, change the res to 1440x900, and pop back into non-fullscreen and set it to whatever you want. Now pop back into fullscreen and it should revert to 1440x900.
  7. macintologist


    Ah yes it does work, although the feature is sort of hidden. Maybe there could be a better way for a user to know that the feature exists within the prefs?
  8. John the Geek

    John the Geek


    Ok, After tinkering with it a bit, you are correct. It does resize on it's own, although it take a good long time to do it the first time, that's why I didn't notice it at first.

    Zipping right along now though. Awesome. Thanks guys.

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  9. cajetanus


    Well I can't get it to work. No luck whatsoever. It always stays the same, even after waiting a good five minutes. A little inconvenience, but otherwise an excellent program this Parallels !
  10. daveef


    Just want cam to work -isight or usb

    I think the program is great , now as soon as i can run usb for my USB cam or earthmate, i will be ready to buy the thing. love the abiltiy to go to windows and back to os x. Do no like having to reboot ever time in bootcamp to run windows. BTW have been mac user ever since they came out and i have no problem with the interface of parallels, still better than most windows programs :) :) :)
  11. daveef


    sorry for placement , maybe i will learn how to use this forum too. please forgive :)
  12. macintologist


    Ok it does work, and I can get it to go to 1024x768 in window mode and then back to 1440x900 in fullscreen.


    Once I quit and restart Parallels Workstation it reverts back to 1440x900 fulltime, windowed or not, and I have to go back to the Display Properties settings in Windowed Mode and switch to 1024x768 to get the feature back.

    Parallels: Please include in the Parallels Tools explicit support for Fullscreen vs. Windowed resolutions. please! :)
  13. Robbie_DB



    Macintoligist.... exactly right.

    Parallels please note... this is what i've been trying to explain badly in some of my posts. This feature is sort of hidden and is still slightly buggy as detailed above.

    It's a great feature. It would be great if you could make it's use a little more explicit and free of bugs.

  14. farcrafter


    There is no "Change MacOS X resolution" box

    I found it. My bad.

    I am using beta 6 and do not see an option to not change resolution. Sure would be nice though. And if the resolution does not match, I would prefer thick black borders to scaling the image. And I tried the above without success. Switching out of full screen always left the resolution big, or switching into full screen always left the resolution small.

    I agree with the other recent suggestions here. You should be able to just fill up the screen without capturing it. Coding that is easier than capturing the screen, you just resize the window. You should also be able to switch out of Parallels without ending full screen mode, so you can use it with Desktop switching programs.
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