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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by PubGuy, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. PubGuy


    Beta6 - the full screen transition works great. As soon as I hit the key combo the cube show the correct full screen graphic of the PW workstation.

    The only problem is, when the cube is done rotating, the screen flashes a few times. If you can find some way to perform the screen scaling without the flash effects (like determine the screen resolution while the cube is rotating), then it would be perfect.

    When rotating from full screen back to window mode, the effect is fine. There is no annoying flashing occuring.

    If you could find some way to surpress the flashing when rotating to full screen, you will have it knocked!

  2. illitrate

    illitrate Bit Poster

    this is also a problem on two screen setups where it is, perhaps, slightly more intrusive, as you're not expecting the other display to go black for a second
  3. AtariAge


    On my system, as soon as the transition effect is complete, the monitor goes black for a second, as if the monitor has lost sync. I assume this is occuring because the screen resolution is being changed. However, this occurs even if you're using the same resolution for your full-screen VM, so Parallels should be able to avoid this flash in this case. Right now it's a bit messy going back and forth.


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