Fullscreen multi-monitor mismatch (three monitors)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by TomW5, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. TomW5

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    Hey Guys,

    I've got an issue with Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro. When I boot/reboot my Windows 7 VM in full-screen mode across all three of my monitors, it always defaults to a mismatched arrangement where it thinks my middle screen is on the left. It doesn't seem to respect the display ordering in OS X.

    I've attached a screenshot which best illustrates the issue. The workaround at the moment is to re-arrange the monitors in the Windows virtual machine every time I boot the VM, which is daily.

    I submitted this bug to Parallels support, but they wanted to remote my machine and waste my time. It's a simple to reproduce bug, and if they took the time to actually read my support request and understand the problem, they'd be able to put it through as a bug report internally. Parallels support drives me nuts.

    I've attached a screenshot which clearly demonstrates the issue.


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  2. Digdug

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    Same thing happens to me on Windows 8.1. All 3 monitors have different res, and its annoying.
  3. KavehV

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    Same thing happens to me in Windows 10. I can't rearrange the displays or have their arrangement follow that of OS X.
  4. Digdug

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    This also happens on Windows 10 for me. If I rearrange the displays, then I am really hosed. The clicking happens on different monitors.
  5. Konstantin@Parallels

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    We appreciate you taking time to share with us details of the issue.
    Described behavior is a default one under the Parallels Desktop environment.
    Currently we do not support shared multiply monitors arrangement. So it's not possible to permanently save those monitor settings inside Windows virtual machine. They will get reset once you restart your virtual machine.
    As an obvious workaround I suggest you to use Suspend mode or some 3-rd party applications (for instance, display fusion)
    While I will forward your concerns regarding this matter to an appropriate person, please use one of the work around from above.


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