Gaming with Parallels... not possible?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Fenix, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Fenix


    I've been running bootcamp for a while now and finally decided to give Parallels a try. The only reason I use Bootcamp is to game (MMO) and I was excited to see the marketing/landing page specifically spoke to being able to do so with Parallels.

    Install was flawless, I pointed it at my Bootcamp drive and it hooked everything up without issue.

    Alas, every one of the games errored out with some form of "Video card not sufficient." (See attached for the latest one out of Warhammer Online.)

    I am very disappointed. The available information makes it sound as if this is a non-issue and now, $80 later, I find it definitely IS an issue and the only way I can continue gaming is to return to Bootcamp.

    Perhaps someone can explain to me how/why video card recognition and use is such an issue for Parallels? Or if/how I can workaround it? If not, I fear there is little choice but to request refund and trash the application entirely from my system.

    Thanks for the read, and any help would be wonderful (if there is help to be had).

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  2. RedHerring


    I am a noob in general with parallels, but not with XP. I have been able to run DX9c games in parallels 4 with no problems (Team Fortress 2). I would advise you to remove your video card from Device Manager in Windows and let it redetect it on reboot. Make sure you have directx support turned on in your VM preferences, and give it max memory which is 256MB. You can also select the "run" menu item from the start menu and type "dxdiag" which will let you look at your directx parameters and settings.
  3. honzkwinkler


    you cant play on parallels, but if you want to play windows games on mac, you can use cider port

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